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Welcome to TheAvettBrothersFans.com!

I am so glad you found us! I started this page after following The Avett Brothers for the last six years! I first saw them play at a friend’s wedding in Manteo, North Carolina in 2006. How awesome is that?! No stage, just Scott, Seth and Bob with a banjo, guitar, bass and a kick drum. Who knew that it would lead to me finding my favorite band ever! That was the moment I realized how special these guys are. We downloaded some of their music and I was hooked. We have been catching The Avett Brothers when they have come through town and close by venues. Their ability to write beautiful lyrics, incredible musicality and ability produce such energy in live shows has often times left me either crying or up on my feet dancing and singing. There is a snippet of every single song that makes me stop and think that is so clever and spot on to life. I really feel a part of something special when I go to a show and am in the crowd of crazy singers and seeing them perform their hearts out. Thank you Scott, Seth, Bob and Joe for bringing so much joy to me, my husband and now my two kids who are definitely already young Avett fans.

I hope you enjoy the site and share your past and future Avett moments with us!


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