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FAN FRIDAY Shawna Simmons- The Avett Brothers, Crackerfarm, Avett Nation and Surviving a Tornado

shawna-group This year I made the decision to do whatever I could to see The Avett Brothers as much as I possibly could. I know many will understand and agree when I say there have been many difficult times in life when their music has been invaluable to me. The music gets in your blood and you just can’t wait until that next show, so I had quite an exciting April planned. First, I was thrilled to see shows near me in Texas, so of course I would hit Dallas and Austin, then Arkansas was announced, and finally the Charlotte show came up. I just had to see them at home, and as I planned my trip the opportunity opened to attend Wilmington and the show after the Braves game. When all was said and done, I had tickets for six shows in two weeks. Again, I had quite an April, or Ave-pril as my friends and I began to call it, planned with the boys.

Things started out like a dream. Searcy, Arkansas is a show I will never forget. I met some incredible friends from Avett Nation, got right on the front row in front of Seth, and got to meet Scott and Seth after the show. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and having some real conversation and sweet personal moments with both of them. Everything you’ve heard about them is true and more. It’s so moving to have them speak to you as if you are the only person in their world at that moment and see their sincerity when they thank you for being there.

Then I was off to North Carolina. Wilmington, Charlotte, and the Braves game were all their own unique experience full of plenty of Avett friends. Each show had a special moment: talking to Travis and Pete in Wilmington, meeting Jim Avett , Mike (crackerfarm), and Bob Crawford in Charlotte (and a host of Avett friends), and standing in the sunshine on Turner Field seeing the boys’ undeniable joy at being there. I hated to have to leave Charlotte. The city, the people, and the memories are things I will hold close to me for years.

Shortly after I returned home, the announcement was made that the Texas shows would be postponed due to the impending arrival of Scott’s child. Several friends asked if I was upset about it, but how can you be when it’s for such a wonderful reason. Two days after I returned from Charlotte, I was actually thankful the shows were postponed.

April 14, 2011, a massive tornado devastated the small town I’ve grown up in, destroying close to 200 homes, including mine. That night, my phone, facebook, and email lit up with people from all over asking if I was okay. I was overwhelmed with the love and support of all the beautiful people in the Avett community. I’ve received so many lovely messages and cards, I can’t even count who all I’ve heard from. In the midst of it all, I’m sure you all saw the sweet message from Mike on the Crackerfarm Charlotte video. I can’t even describe to you how much that meant to me. He’s truly a great guy, and I’m so happy to have met him in Charlotte. I’ve also received personal messages from Avett family members and crew. What a community Scott and Seth have built. I can think of no better legacy.

shawna-fretboard I have an extensive collection of Avett memorabilia. From a Fretboard Journal they boys signed in Arkansas, to the special poster from Charlotte, to the signed I and Love and You box set. I was devastated at the thought of losing things that could never be replaced. I was overjoyed when I walked in to see the ceiling had collapsed right over my “music section.” Everything underneath was dry and in pristine condition. Fretboard Journal got a little soggy, but it’s still with me. Even Scott’s poster was still in the tube and completely dry. I lost so much but finding those little things that meant so much was enough to keep me going.
Through the grapevine I heard someone in the Avett camp had heard about the storm and wanted to do something for me. The day we tore down what was left of the house, I received a box from North Carolina marked only “Avett Bros Care Package.” shawna-avett-package I don’t know who sent it or how it all came about, but I know I’m overwhelmed and humbled that these wonderful people were thinking of me, just one person, thousands of miles away, and took time from their busy lives to let me know I am loved. Understandably this is not something they can do for everyone, so I won’t elaborate on it, but I know this is something they’d do for any one of us they see repeatedly on the road.

They do love us just as much as we love them and as much as they say they do. It’s a beautiful thing to actually see the proof in action. If you don’t already love them, you can’t keep from it now. I’ve had family and friends laugh at my obsession with The Avett Brothers. I’ve had people complain I spend too much time and money on them. But once they saw all of this unfold, they understood. I keep hearing from close friends and family “Oh I see now why you love them so much.” What a thrill it is to know I have October to look forward to for those makeup Texas shows. I hope I’ll maybe get to talk to them again then, if not before, and thank them personally.

As I close this I just want to say a wholehearted thank you to everyone in the Avett community. All of you have shown me an overwhelming amount of support and love. I can’t express in words what it means to know people are thinking of you. I hope everyone will keep the folks in the south in your thoughts and prayers as they were devastated by storms this week. I know I’m actually one of the more fortunate ones and for that I’m thankful. And finally, I’m so thankful for The Avett Brothers, their crew, family, and community they’ve built. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Thank you Shawna Simmons of  Tushka, OK for sharing a little piece of yourself and what has to have been such a trying time for you and your family!

If you would like to help Shawna or the Tushka community please see below. They could really use a little help in totally rebuilding their lives from scratch.

Donate to Shawna:
A paypal acount ( has been set up to donate directly to Shawna and her family. Log into/Setup your paypal account, Click Send Money, Enter and select personal and then select gift.

Donate to Tushka:
Southeastern Oklahoma Chapter (American Red Cross)
Address: 200 E Adams Ave, McAlester, OK 74501
Contact: Rhonda Webb
Phone: 918-423-0481

Link to Shawna’s storm photos

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FAN FRIDAY Chris Dethloff–First it was U2 then The Avett Brothers

 ”Disappear from you hometown, Go and find the people that you know”
Those are the 12 words that I first heard The Avett Brothers sing to me live in a concert.  I was hooked before I saw them live, and now, with those 12 words, they had locked me in as a permanent Avett concert-goer for good.  That was a few years ago, and I’ve never regretted that moment.  chris-and-avetts So after a back-to-back Avett concert weekend a couple of weeks ago, I started thinking, could I name my favorite Avett Brothers show?  Most everyone can name their favorite fairly quickly, some of you may not have had a chance to see them live yet, so they can’t name their fave.  Some of you may have only seen them once, and will name that one.  This all got me thinking about the shows that I have seen them at, and all of the different experiences/crowds/friends/emotions that went with them.
I’ve seen the Avett Brothers concert a total of 8 times in 5 different states.  I have friends who have seen them 40+ times, and friends who haven’t seen them at all yet.  My 1st and 4th show, I saw them as an opening act in a 20,000+ seat amphitheatres.  Although, not very many people paid attention to them, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.  The rest of the shows have been as the main act.  I’ve seen them outdoors on beautiful summer evenings, indoors at clubs, college gyms, and restored theaters, and even an intimate radio station performance with only 80 people in the crowd.  I’ve had the extreme luck and fortune to have even talked with them off stage a few times.  ]They’ve always surprised me with at least one song I’ve never heard live, and have always given 110% to their performance.  That’s why I keep coming back-it’s never the same performance night after night.  They never just “mail-it-in”.  They make me laugh, several times they have made me cry, and they tend to do both at every show.  The band’s interview in the most recent Fretboard Journal magazine included an observation by the writer of the article that said “A study of Avett crowds always reveals a strong undercurrent of personal affection and admiration-the band and their fans really seem to LIKE each other”.  I’ve said many times that this is a band who loves it’s fans as much as we love them.  And it shows in everything they do when they are on and off stage.
Many years ago, when I was younger, I saw an opening act that blew my mind.  I promised myself that if they ever came with 5 hours distance of where I was living, I wouldn’t miss a show.  That opening band that I saw….was U2.  And I have kept my promise with them, even though tickets got more expensive and harder to get.  Many years later, there has been only one other band that I have even remotely thought about making that same pledge to.  And even though tickets also got more expensive, and harder to get, I have no regrets of making that promise to see The Avett Brothers any chance that I got.  I will be seeing shows 9, 10, and 11 in July.  Although my bank account might be a little bit lower because of this, I couldn’t be happier with my decision.
So,to answer my question….my favorite show was in my town of Portland, OR at the Crystal Ballroom benefit show for the Terra Nova farm here in Portland.  It was restricted to 500 tickets, had rare songs, had the last recorded stage dive by Scott, and a personal meet and greet after the show with them for the entire audience.  They stayed and took pictures with us, talked with us, signed anything we put in front of them, and personally shook hands and thanked each and every one of us for coming.  After giving us a show of a lifetime, THEY were thanking us!  Just unreal.  But it made me think of ways to repay them for what they gave me…a way to pay things forward. That’s a real gift for a band to be able to make us think that way. That’s why I love being a fan of their music and their shows….and that’s exactly how this band will “leave behind the world a better way”.

Post by Chris Dethloff of Portland, Oregon

Thank you so much for this post Chris.  It is amazing that you found U2 that way and who knows where this journey with The Avett Brothers will take us.  I am in for the ride with you girl!

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FAN FRIDAY- Alex Bradshaw on his Charlotte Avett Experience

Well here it is, a Thursday night back in Greenville, NC still recollecting about what happened Saturday night in Charlotte. Anytime someone has a chance to see their hometown band back where it all started it’s sure to be a treat and The Avett Brothers didn’t disappoint at all. Prior to the Charlotte show I had a seen them twice before; once in Raleigh and once in Asheville for the December 30th show. Unlike my Avett right hand (wo)man, Elizabeth Immel, who had seen them 12 times before, I am still a rookie to the Avett experience. A crafty woman this Elizabeth is. When we first heard about the Charlotte show the floor tickets had been taken by the super fast fan club members and we were left with decent seats amongst the more “hobby” listeners of the Avetts. Hearing this news, I immediately got bummed, it was definitely a sad day in Greenvilletown for me. How was I supposed to get my dance on when i’m stuck up in some seats? Elizabeth told me not to worry, that she had it covered. Well, two weeks and some trading like that guy from craigslist later, she turned those seats into the floor tickets that I oh so wanted.

The Tsunami the radar showed looming over the Charlotte area an hour before doors opened didn’t exactly pump me up for the show. By God’s blessing the rain held off and allowed us to wait in line and pound some Red Bulls and Tylenol (this may seem crazy but once you get 5 songs deep at an Avett show you’ve lost some energy and gained a headache). While the anticipation was building within Elizabeth and I waiting in line, we met our first fans of the day. They were two women in their late 50′s early 60′s, one rocking converse, with more excitement than a 16 year old girl who just touched Scott’s hand. Speaking with them I found out that one of the women had a daughter who graduated from our school and Scott’s Alma mater, East Carolina University. These women reminded me of the fan base that The Avett Brothers attract; personable, kind, and excited people. After we made our way into the coliseum Elizabeth informed me her first stop was the bathroom, typical girl, and for me to make my way to the floor. Well I did and struck up a conversation with a security guard named Eddie. Eddie informed me he had been working at the coliseum for a “longggggg time” and that he was excited to see the home town boys. We ended the conversation with a handshake and Elizabeth and I made our way into the crowd. Elizabeth asked me about my conversation with Eddy and proceeded to tell me that wherever we go I end up making a friend (hey, I like to network). Once in the crowd we met two amazing fans, Jenny and Steve from Indiana, who some readers may know from this website. All four of us struck conversations that ended up lasting till Grace Potter started. When I think about meeting this Avett power couple I think about what if I never had met them. I would have never known the Avetts played a small wedding in my home town that Jenny and Steve attended or that this site ever existed. An Avett Brothers show isn’t just music. It is a chance to meet humble and kind people from across the country and I am extremely happy Elizabeth and I got to meet this couple on their Avettcation.

After the lights went out we said our goodbyes to Jenny and Steve and watched as Grace Potter strutted her stuff onto the stage. She did amazing and was a heck of an opening act. Once the Avetts took the stage I was ready to explode from excitement. Their opening song was one that I never would have expected, It’s Good To Be Back Home by John Denver, but it gave me the feeling that they wanted to bring that small hometown feeling to the crowd at the coliseum.

I won’t break the entire setlist down because it can be seen on this website, but I will say that it was PERFECT. I’m not exactly sure what goes into creating a setlist but the setlist for the show in Charlotte seemed to be divinely inspired. Songs one and two got the crowed focused on the intentions of the show, while three, four, five, six, and seven introduced everyone to the roller coaster ride that was soon to come. With just the right amount of cover songs and songs rarely seen live, i.e. Letter To A Pretty Girl and Scared To Die, it made for a unique show that could have only been spawned in Charlotte, NC. The crowd on the other hand could have used a few more Red Bulls. While Elizabeth and I were jumping around like wild animals, I turned behind me and saw our only other competition, Jenny and Steve. By no means was the crowd just standing there, I just figured I would see some more energy throughout the show. I made a promise to myself to never miss an Avett Brothers show in North Carolina. Right now i’m three for four and don’t plan on missing the Greensboro show in October. I’m not sure how many people can say that about their favorite bands, but I can tell you any Avett Brothers fan will tell you they won’t miss a show in their state. It’s the dedication of the band and the fans that draws me to the Avetts and if they made music for the next 50 years I’ll be right there in the crowd still singing every word to Kick Drum Heart and Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane.

Post by: Alex Bradshaw from Greenville, NC

Thank you Alex for this awesome rundown of your hometown Charlotte Avett expereince. I can echo that it was great to meet you and Elizabeth. Like you said in your post the Avetts attract personable, kind, and excited people. You and Elizabeth have a much early start on your Avett following than Steve and I, so you may well be the true power couple.

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FAN FRIDAY–William’s Second Avett Show and It keeps getting better!

What a way to end an Avett filled week! First, a show in Augusta on Sunday and then a show in Savannah three days later! Oh, and I got to meet Joe and Jacob too!
Before the Augusta show, I was excited since it was my first time seeing the boys live. This time in Savannah, I was excited because I knew what was before me. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. The Savannah show was even better than the Augusta show. For one, the fans seemed a little less rowdy. I really appreciated the Savannah crowd being more considerate during ballads. After all, an Avett fan pays to hear the band, not the obnoxious screaming and yelling during an intimate moment between the fans and the boy’s heart-felt lyrics.
Alright, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get down to business! Originally, my wife and I were attending the show by ourselves, and then as luck would have it, I came across a single pit ticket. I would have to admit that leaving my wife to sit by herself while I sat in the pit crossed my mind. I even thought about the two of us taking turns of sharing the seat. As luck would have it, one of my wife’s friends wanted to go. Her friend has never heard of The Avett Brothers and I thought this would be an awesome time to introduce her to them. I had planned on the friend taking the pit seat, but my wife and her friend insisted on sitting together and letting me have the pit seat. Lucky me! My seat was front row. I mean arms on the stage front row! I was directly in front between Seth and their piano. What a treat for this only being my second show!
The Savannah show was different in many ways, and one of those differences was that there would be no opener for the night. Earlier that evening, Joe Kwon Tweeted simply, “No opener tonight. Just us and us alone.” Personally, I have always enjoyed “openers” at concerts. For me, it’s a chance to get warmed up for the main attraction and to hear new talent. Then I remembered Joe’s Tweet and thought how personal and intimate he made tonight’s concert sound, so I was content without an opener.
At promptly 9 p.m., the auditorium lights dimmed and the rich and colorful stage lights lit up. I immediately felt the heat from the lights. I couldn’t believe that I was this close! The boys opened with ‘Laundry Room’. Right from the start, Seth delivered a bone chilling moment when he walked to the stage edge and belted out his part…..No microphone, just his pure and natural voice. It’s hard to describe a moment like this. Thankfully, an Avett board member caught the moment on film. It can be seen here:

A big THANK YOU to Edward LaRossa for uploading this on Youtube.
The crowd was calmer, the sound was phenomenal, and the boys seemed to have gotten some long deserved rest. Their energy level was top notch! In between lyrics Scott frantically paced the stage in front of “Smiling” Jacob’s drum kit while constantly fine tuning his banjo. And every time Scott jumped on the pedal of his kick drum, it sent a punch right to the chest. You could feel the sound wave pressure with every kick. Seth and his fancy foot work are a show all on their own. Bob and Joe plucked and sawed at their upright wooden beauties while bouncing and stomping wildly. By the way, someone give Joe a microphone! “Smiling” Jacob Edwards never comes across as over enthusiastic (I don’t mean this in a bad way). Jacob just seems content with beating out a flawless drum line…..and that he does. There were several times that I could see him biting his bottom lip or mouthing lyrics as he beat out certain drum licks.
The set list was no less than amazing. I know that some people are bent on hearing The Avett’s older songs and I even overheard a few folks sharing their disappointment in not hearing more of them. I personally enjoy each and every song. Each songs tells a story and whatever songs they wish to share…..I am more than pleased to sit and listen.
The highlights for the night were many. Meeting Jacob Edwards and getting his autograph and a photo were cool. Hearing Seth’s part at the beginning of ‘Laundry Room’ was just surreal. Hearing ‘Salina’, ‘Tear Down The House’, ‘Scared To Die’, AND the unbelievable ‘Dream Appointed’ live was the ultimate! You heard me right. The boys performed ‘Dream Appointed’! What a beautiful song! I have always loved ‘Dream Appointed’, and I was always told that I would more than likely never hear it at a concert. So, you imagine my surprise when they performed it. More than anything, I am happy for my new Avett friend, Ashley, who has longed to hear this song live. She finally got her wish. The best part, she was front stage when she finally heard it. It doesn’t get any better than that folks!
If you are a true Avett fan, do yourself a favor and check them out live. Between the boys, their stage manager Mr. Peter Schroth and the rest of the crew……they deliver one heck of a show. You will not be disappointed.
If by chance any of the boys read this…….Thank you for sharing your music, passion and lives with us. Keep safe out there on the roads and God bless! See ya soon!

William Calcote
Hopeulikit, Ga

Thanks again for your posts William on your first 2 shows!

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The Wood Brothers – Indianapolis 3/31/2011

I went to Radio Radio in Indianapolis last night and saw The Wood Brothers.  As of late, they have been getting a little radio play and their latest Album Smoke Ring Halo, produced by Zac Brown, has yet to be released nationally.  First of all, these guys are talented.  Chris, the stand up base player,  was awesome.  I have never seen a guy play harmonica and rock the stand up bass at the same time.  I thought that was virtually impossible, but I was proven wrong.   wood-brothers Oliver, the older brother and the guitar player, was more chill and sat on a bar stool just strumming away.  Again, these guys do not lack any musical talent and their music is hard to classify.  I guess that is why people like these guys.  No matter if you like country, blues, jazz or rock, you are going to find something you like about this band.

There is something to be said about brothers and their unseen connection on stage.  The Avetts have it, and The Wood Brothers have it also.  It just seems one brother knows what the other brother is going to do before he does it.  When you have that connection, you have a pretty tight sounding band.  What I thought The Wood Brothers lacked was a connection with the audience which I have felt at every single Avett show that I have been to.

Radio Radio is a nice little venue, but they had this place set up like a Baptist revival.  There were about 5 to 6 rows of wooden chairs about 5 feet from the stage.  The people that got these chairs did not move and because of our Hoosier hospitality no one dared stand in front of them.  And I it was clear by the amount of chatter and small talk, that some people came to socialize and not listen to the band.  I found it a little off putting, but I could deal with it.  Oliver Wood on the other hand could not.  About 5 songs in, Oliver tells the crowd to “Shut your pie holes.”  I thought he was kidding, but a few songs later he tells the crowd again, “There is a smoking section out back, and the talking section is out there and this is the music section right here.”  Needless to say this turned me off.   These guys have so much talent and they do deserve some respect, but you have to be humble.  You are making a pretty good living by making music–so some people are talking in the background.  Is it rude?  Yes.  Is it worth saying something and looking like a jackass?  I don’t think so.

All and all, these two brothers are good.  I liked Oliver’s voice and Chris’s bass playing was spectacular.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great show.  I think they finally won the crowd over by coming back for an encore and singing “Luckiest Man.”  It will be on the new album and I think it alone is worth the price of the album as well as the $15 dollar admission.  Maybe I caught these brothers on an off night personally and a louder than usual crowd, but the Wood Brothers are definitely worth seeing.

Here is a link to there website to see if they are coming your way:

Thank you Steve Kremer for the review on The Wood Brothers. I wish I could have gone myself, but someone had to watch our kids.

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William’s First Avett Show in Augusta–It was everything he hoped for!

After what seemed like a year long wait, the night finally arrived. The day that my wife and I would finally make our first ever Avett show was here! The days following up to the show, I engulfed myself with everything ‘Avett’. Their music literally blasted 24/7 from our home stereo. Little did we know that nothing would prepare us for what we were about to witness.
Our day started off with a bang! Immediately after arriving we met Mr. Joe Kwon! He was such a gentleman. We got a couple of pictures with Joe and he kindly spent a little time talking with us. Joe is such a nice guy.
After checking out the downtown area, we finally pinned down our choice for a pre-show meal with friends. We met our niece and her two friends, and three friends we met on The Avett Brothers website. After a great meal at The Rooster’s Beak, we all headed down to Nacho Mama’s for drinks before we made our way to The Bell. 194145_209442952402346_100000099282889_899697_2043999_o_0
Arriving at The Bell, you could just feel the energy and excitement building. People were pumped and ready to see the boys for sure. Walking into the auditorium was amazing. I couldn’t help but think of what I was about to see. I looked around and I could already imagine people bouncing and clapping. We were finally here! We are about to see the band that has captured our hearts! How much better could it get?
Show time! The opening act was none other than Mr. Langhorne Slim and The Outlaws. Langhorne worked the crowd out of their seats and swooned everyone with the best live rendition of ‘Colette’ I could have ever imagined. During the song, Langhorne got off the stage and slowly worked his way into the audience and went as far as the wired microphone would let him. He wound up sitting on the edge of the stage for the better part of the song. Man, what a connection this guy makes with people! I’ve been a big fan of Langhorne for some time, but this experience just sealed the deal for me!
In between the Langhorne and The Avett show, there was about a 15 minute stage prep that seemed to tease everyone. You could hear people talking about different songs they would like to hear and this and that. Every once in a while you could hear some enthusiastic fans yelling. The time was near! As the lights dimmed the auditorium erupted into pure emotion! It was like a sea of roaring! Kick Drum Heart was the first song of the show. What a way to open the show. I was a little concerned considering that they opened with such a big song. How are they going to top that? Needless to say, they topped it alright! Every song seemed to build and build. Each song brought about more energy and that energy fed the crowd. The boys fed off the crowd and the crowd fed off the boys. Raw emotion, sweat, screams, and passion was there for the taking. Watching Joe has always been a delight for me. Here is this cool Asian man playing a cello while STANDING all while thrashing about and mouthing the lyrics to the songs. Joe’s cello bow looked like a maimed horse with all the horse hair splayed out from the ends. When Joe takes the stage, Joe delivers. God bless him!
Song after song, the boys never let up. Broken strings (all six of them) were for the most part, ignored. The momentum was going and I don’t believe it could have been stopped. Drenched in sweat under the hot colored lights, the boys continued to belt it out. The occasional scream from Seth and Scott was almost like a jolt from a stun gun. The screams were answered with a deafening surge of screams and applause from the crowd. Even if there were people who had never listened to The Avetts, you would have never known it.
I had my choice of songs that I wanted to hear, but once the show began it didn’t matter what they performed (They could have played ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and I would have been happily stoked). The highlights for the show for me were The NYE song (I won’t be scared to die), John Prine’s ‘Spanish Pipedream’, and of course a moment that brought tears to most. A young lady standing with a sign that read, ‘The Avett Brothers helped me beat cancer’ was moved up to the stage by the crowd during the song I and Love and You. Scott reached down and got the poster and then held it up for the crowd to see. While holding the sign over his heart he said, ‘Without our fans The Avett Brothers are not possible. Together we helped you”. That may not have been exactly how he said it, but that was pretty much it. That was a moving moment for my wife and me. It was just another reason to love these guys. What true gentlemen they are.
As all things must come to an end, and the show eventually did. The boys wrapped up the night with an encore of Hard Worker followed by Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane. I was momentarily saddened by the fact that the show was over, but I then remembered that we had tickets to the Savannah show for the following Wednesday! Regardless if I was fortunate enough to see them again or not, this one show in Augusta Georgia has changed my heart forever. The friendships we made, the energy, the emotion, and even the smells(call me crazy) will forever be etched in my memory. The Avett Brother’s songs have new meaning to me. My wife and I have finally found not just a band and their music, but a gathering of fine folks who appreciate true meaningful music. Long live The Avett Brothers!
Hope to see you all in Savannah Georgia!

Written by: William Calcote of Hopeulikit, Georgia
Thanks William for the special edition of Fan Friday on Wednesday! So glad you enjoyed your first show, not that I doubted you would.

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FAN FRIDAY – You Make My Dreams

Ok let’s face it, we all giggled a little bit when we heard that John Oates would be opening up for the Avett Brothers in john-oates_2011_1  June for a couple of shows.  Seemed like an odd pairing to me, but then I thought about it a little more.    And nothing but good memories has come from Hall and Oates’ songs.  I am sure I am not alone (probably with people over 30) that most of their songs invoke some sort of memories from our childhood, and like it or not, their songs will forever invoke and create new memories.

John Oates and Daryl Hall put together pop-rock band that has made some of the most memorable music of the 1980’s.  It is really hard to deny that.  I bet you can sing along to most of their songs.  My first encounter with Hall & Oates was at Showbiz Pizza when the BillyBob Bear sang Private Eyes.  For years I thought Hall & Oates were covering the Rock-afire Explosion (this is the name of the animatronics Showbiz band).  Little did I know the songs by Hall &Oates would become ingrained into my memory and find a permanent place in American rock history.

Now fast forward 25 years and I am driving down a country road in Indiana, with a childhood friend that in all likelihood was with me at Showbiz pizza back in the 80’s.  We are in a rented Jeep Wrangler, going faster than we should be and we’re jamming out to “You Make My Dreams” by Hall & Oates.  We jammed out to that song every time we got into the Jeep that weekend.  Now whenever I hear that song, I can’t help but think about that weekend.

Now fast forward a year later, and that same John Oates will be opening for the Avett Brothers in June.  So if you are going to the shows in Portland, ME or Essex Junction, VT, please take the time to appreciate John Oates for the American music legend he is.  Let the music by John Oates and The Avett Brothers create good and ever lasting memories of your time with your friends and family.  I know they will always have a place in my life’s soundtrack.  And do yourself a huge favor, next time you hear “You Make My Dreams” turn it up as load as you can.  You will not be disappointed.

Written by:
Steve Kremer
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thank you Steve for our first Fan Friday Post. If you would like to post on Fan Friday, email

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Fan Fridays

Hello everyone. I would love to make Fridays a day for the Avett Fans to have a chance to talk Avett. So, is anyone interested in guest south-bend-avettbrothers-26 posting on the website? You can talk about whatever you want–why you love the Avetts, your favorite or most recent show experience, an article or song you love and why, your Avett journey however long or short it has been, something else interesting or really just anything that you want. Fell free to include pictures or videos in your posts as well. south-bend-avettbrothers-1

So, if you are interested in guest posting for a Fan Friday either comment on this post, fill out the contact us portion, comment on Facebook or email me at . I will let you know which Friday is yours!

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