Keep Calm and Avett on Shirts Have Sold out! Thanks for your support of our efforts with Gleaners Food Bank!

front-1 After getting so many of your requests for our Keep Calm and Avett On shirts, we have ordered more. A portion of the proceeds will continue to go to Gleaners Food Bank!

We have unisex sizes available from Small-XLarge. You can pay via PayPal or with a credit card. They are $23 (shipping is included in this price), which is a slight increase since we aren’t printing as many this time and shipping & PayPal costs were a little more than we originally anticipated.

Click Here to Order your Keep Calm and Avett On Tshirt

jimsusieguitar  For reference on sizing. The size I am wearing in this picture is a unisex small & I usually buy Womens XL or Men’s Small/Medium at shows. The Mediums fit me well too, but just not as fitted.

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2012 Indianapolis Food Drive Results- Over 16,000 people fed!!

food-drive_0 A huge thank you to all of you who either donated at the show or bought a Tshirt to support the Gleaners Food Drive we sponsored at the Indy Show September 30th. We had a wonderful time and raised so much more this year in cash donations and food donations! We were also lucky to have some guests stop by to support the cause: Jim and Susie Avett. Oh yeah, Jim signed the guitar as well.  You all played a huge role in the food drive success by donating at the show and by purchasing a Tshirt from afar!   jimsusieguitar You all made a huge difference in the lives of so many hungry Hoosiers.

Here are the results:

16,765 people will receive meals from our efforts! This is more than double those who were in attendance at the show.


  • 1,647 lbs of food collected (1,330 last year) which will feed 1,235 people (almost a ton of food collected)
  • $3106 collected in cash donations and shirts orders which feeds 15,530 people ($1 feeds 5 people)

Remember our sponsors who donated their time and efforts and please support them if you are ever in need of any of their services:27 Design Co, SDC Guitars, Sterling Impressions, Gleaners Food Bank and of course The Avett Brothers.


Also congratulations to Mark Stoke who won the guitar and Dawn Pruitt who won the signed poster (both from Indiana) markstokeguitar

So again Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We look forward to next year and making it even better!

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2nd Annual Food Drive at Indianapolis Avett Concert September 30th to Benefit Gleaners Food Drive


We are proud to announce a Food Drive to benefit Gleaners Food Bank at the Indianapolis Avett Brothers Concert September 30th. We have partnered with The Avett Brothers, Live Nation, and The Lawn at White River State Park to make this event possible.

We are thrilled that The Avett Brothers have agreed to sign a guitar donated by a local Indianapolis businesses SDC Guitars and a concert poster donated by 27 Design Co. The details are below, so please spread the word and let’s make this event a huge success to feed the needy in the Indianapolis community as we head into the fall and winter months.

finalavettbanjo-01-smalljpg Food Drive for Gleaners Food Bank
September 30, 2012

Avett Brothers Concert
The Lawn at White River State Park
Indianapolis, IN

Sponsored by: & Live Nation/The Lawn at White River State Park

Please bring a canned good or monetary donation to benefit Gleaners Food Bank to The Avett Brothers Concert at The Lawn at White River State Park on September 30th. Donations will be collected at each entrance and a drawing for the Avett Brothers signed guitar and signed Avett Concert poster will be announced after the show at the main entrance Gleaners information table. The winner will also be notified by phone/text.

Please contact Jenny Kremer with any questions or for donations at

Thank you for your support of this event!

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Keep Calm & Avett On Shirts–Who wants one?


Keep Calm & Avett On! Here are the 2nd Annual Gleaners Food Drive shirts.  They will be available to order for the next week and can either be delivered to you at home or you can pick them up at the food drive on September 30th. All proceeds will be donated to Gleaners Food bank. So, you could have a cool shirt and help feed hungry Hoosiers. Remember that $1 feeds 5 people, you your one T-shirt purchase will feed over 50 people.

We will have just a few extra at the Indy show, so stop by to see us if you want one!

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Jessica Harrison is the winner of the Ticket Giveaway- The Avett Brothers Indianapolis September 30, 2012

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jessica Harrison who is the winner of the tickets!

We are excited to give away two general admission/lawn tickets to the Indianapolis Avett Brothers concert on September 30th in Indianapolis at The Lawn at White River State Park. Click below to enter.

Tickets will be picked up the day of the concert at the food drive table. One entry per person.

The winner will be announced Thursday,  September 20, 2012. Don’t forget to bring your canned good to the

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Review of The Carpenter-Alot of Collaboration

long-after-dark . Here is a link to a review by John Saeger on his music blog Long After Dark of The Carpenter set for release this Tuesday. There are a lot of reviews out there of the album, but I found this one interesting to see all the musicians who played with The Avetts while making this album–Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers to musicians who have worked with Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, and Elton John and more. It’s no wonder that it took so long for this album to be released :)

Long After Dark Avett Review

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NPR’s First Listen: The Carpenter. And my thoughts too!

img-the-carpenter-cover-700-1 I’m so glad this album preview came out today, because it turned my day from a crappy day not appreciating my life nearly enough to a day where I have a new perspective on myself, my kids and my life. That may sound crazy, but music and especially the Avetts have that effect on me.

Anyway, here is my feel and take on the new album besides really loving it a lot the one and pretty much only thing is feel is missing for me is a serious jam in one of the songs. Other than that: LOVE IT.

Here is the link to the full album from NPR. Enjoy it while it’s still available…then we wait until September 11 to own it forever. Click here for the NPR First Listen of The Carpenter

The Once and Future Carpenter- This song I first heard in South Bend, IN in January 2011. I will never forget the crowd getting the pleasure to hear this for the first time. We all sat there silently and knew that this was a gem. Scott carries most of the vocals, but Seth’s parts are touching and really meaningful—not to mention Joe’s cello is beautiful in the second half of the song. I really enjoyed its effect on me today. It set perspective and reminds one to be content with the life path they are given and inevitably you lose direction you look to the sky and remember we are all in this together and searching for that “woman” we call purpose.

Live and Die—This will always remind me of the Gap ad and the anticipation of this album. I love the banjo and wish there was more banjo on the album. But, again this is a song that deals with life and death and opposites in general. You rejoice and I complain, live and die, but that those all have something in common and we are the same no matter how opposite we are.

Winter in My Heart-I heard this live in Kettering, OH. I liked it okay then. Maybe it’s the day, but this resonated with me today. It drags on a little at times, but I can relate to the times that there is nothing warm in my heart at all. I miss the figurative summer and the spring when the warm and the air is in my heart and not unexplainable frigid cold air that is in our hearts for no reason sometimes. Scott and Seth pass the vocals back and forth and I love that combination.

Pretty Girl from Michigan- Just happy to see a Pretty Girl song return and album. Love this 50s feel. It is just a fun song for me and different for the Avetts.

I Never Knew You- For some reason this resonates to me at how the guys have changed and their music has too. Some of us love it and some of us don’t…this kind of says “Too Bad—this is us now and we have evolved musically and personally”. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. 

February Seven- Scott and Seth trade back and forth on this. That combination is always pleasing to me for some reason. This song grew on me after about 4 or five times through the album. It kind of got lost the first few times, but now I really enjoy it and love the chorus. “I went on a search for something real. Traded what I know for how I feel…Light broke in a brought me to my feet. There’s no returning to the spoils once you’ve spoiled the thought of them…Now I’m rested and I’m ready to begin… “

Through My Prayers- This is the highlight of the album for me. I bawled like a baby when I heard this song today. It reminded me of the first time I heard Murder in the City ever, which was live. I cried standing there and I bawled sitting at my computer today listening to Seth’s oh so pretty voice telling this story (he’s so good at holding the listener’s attention in these slow beauties). It reminds me of the special relationship that I had with my grandparents who were like parents to me and have passed away (20 years ago). I often find myself looking up and talking to them and miss them still so often it hurts. I adore and can so relate to the line of “Yes, I knew you loved me, I could see it in your eyes, it was in your struggle and it was in your mind and it was in the smile you gave me when I was a kid. “ Again, Joe’s cello adds so much depth to the feel of this song. Thank you Avetts for this song!

Down With The Shine- I like the way this one starts with Scott checking. It reminds me of their earlier albums that weren’t so polished. But this song is polished, maybe because they’ve played it so much the last year and a half or so. It’s probably the song I’ve heard the most live from this album. It’s banjo, which I love.

A Father’s First Spring- Scott sings beautiful vocals and believable lyrics. If you have kids, you can totally relate to every line. “I have been homesick for your since we met”…I am always rushing to pick my kids up and spend time with them (not quite as literally as Scott). “I do not live unless I live in your light/life. If I die it’s for you. I was a child before”…I could go on and on about the amazingly beautiful descriptions of being a parent and how you are forever changed after having kids. Another thank you for this song today and reeling me in to the joys of parenting when it is easy to focus in the frustrations.

Geraldine- I’ve always loved this upbeat quick song. Hope I get the pleasure of hearing Scott singing it live soon. It’s a killer.

Paul Newman vs. The Demons- This one I have mixed feelings on. It feels very different for The Avett Brothers, but I find myself liking it and shaking my head when I hear it—like if I heard it without know it was the Avetts I’d want to know more about that artist. I do like seeing this different side of Seth—we all have demons that are hard to get out of our past.

Life- Scott and Seth trade back and forth on this final track. Another great cello display from Joe. We are not on this world for long…it can it be hell and paradise.

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Not Bluegrass, Not Folk…American

avett_brothers_5_t640 Here is a pretty interesting article from the Columbian in Washington about the making of the art of The Carpenter. The article talks about creating the bubble needed to make an album and working with Rick Rubin again. I like the content of the article, so please forgive the couple of incorrect song titles “Perfect Square” and “Ten Thousand Voices”. Reading that was like nails on the chalkboard, but I am going to try to let that slide. As we all have a hard time accurately describing the Avett sound and doing it justice, here’s what they say about new album The Carpenter… not bluegrass, not folk, maybe rock but but it’s probably an American album. Interesting… Here’s the article. Enjoy! Click here for The Columbian Avett Article

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