Amazing Bond We Avett Fans Have!!

So, this will be short. I am sitting here getting things all revvvvved up for the upcoming Food Drive at the Indy show again this year (details to come soon so get ready) and I am looking through Facebook which now seems consumed with Avett stuff for me. I’ve been chatting this evening with a brilliant writer and Avett fan on hopefully meeting up at the Indy show. I’ve talked to on the phone to another fan trying to organize a food drive at the Alabama Avett show. I’ve listened to the album preview too many times. I’ve chatted with another fan about what size Crackerfarm/Joe Kwon Steals Southern Jobs shirt to buy. All of this reminds of the quick and easy bonds we all have formed that stems from our love of The Avett Brothers and what it grows into only time will tell. Keep in minds that I have never met any of you that I am referring to face to face, just over Facebook or Twitter. Crazy!

But, then I came across a post about Chris VanTimmeren’s (Who I only knew through Facebook) son Josh who is also one of our young Avett fans and once again was floored at the response from the fellow fans, the band and his loved ones when he was killed in a car accident. We all felt like we lost a family member…who we met on Facebook or some at a concert along the way. That didn’t seem to matter one bit though.

I wanted to pass on this website stared by Chris’s dad to donate to Chris’s son Josh’s college fund and to keep up to date on Josh and our Avett fan and friend Chris’s legacy. Please check it out and be generous.

Click here to go to Josh VanTimmeren’s Website


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Okay so I was wrong about….

Okay, so I was wrong about…the amount of time I have to do everything these days. Oh the Shame–the boatloads of shame.

I am excited to have a little time to catch up tonight on my Avett life. From going on a long vacation in late March, working my little butt off at work to catch up after vacation, raising kids and trying to stay awake past 10 PM on the couch, I realized that something was missing from my life. I had fallen off the grid with my Avetting and that is not acceptable.

So, I am back and hopefully in full effect. I have updated the site with the setlists in the forum and tour dates. I am getting excited for my next show, which is sadly not until June :( I am pumped to start planning something fun for my hometown Indy show at the end of September. Last year was just the most amazing experience and I am hoping for another good year in Indy.

So, Here is a video of “Shame” from Indianapolis 2/28/2010. The quality is not the best, but it just reminded me of my hardcore dedication to The Avett Brothers as this was a mere 13 days after my son was born and I was going to this show either totally pregnant (I wasn’t due until March 30) or with my pump in tow. Only a hospital stay was going to keep me away from the Avetts in my hometown. I’m glad to be back with you all!!

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Happy New Year!!

It has been a great year with a lot of Avett memories! We are looking forward to another good one in 2012 with new music and great concerts!

Thank you all for making it a fun year on this site and to be an Avett fan! I hope you all have a wonderful night tonight whether you are at the shows or home with your families!

Take care and bring on 2012!

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Thank You Hangout Music Festival!!!

hangout-fest Thank you Hangout Fest for broadcasting live. I have to admit that I only watched The Avett Brothers, but now wish I had watched more. Perhaps my 1 and 3 year old make that a little hard. It was so great to watch an Avett concert up close and personal. I love when I can do this because I catch so many things that I miss at live shows. I see all the little interactions, facial expressions, smiles and incredible close ups of the band playing their instruments. I think there should be be a Joe Kwon Cam that follows only Joe throughout the show. That would be really entertaining. Joe Kwon cracks me up all the time. I love watching him rock his cello and sing along like a #1 fan.

The show seemed like a great time. There were mostly newer songs peppered with oldies but goodies. My favorite moments were “At the Beach” which seemed so appropriate for this setting of what seemed like a ton of people packed on the beach to jam to the Avetts.  Scott yelled “Rapture” during Spanish Pipedream, which only makes me appreciate their sense of humor even more.  And yes, there was a guy who held that blow up dolphin in about the 10th row almost the entire show.  That cracked me up too.  It made me seriously regret our decision to skip this show. It would have been another great Avettcation!  I hope that our friend who won tickets had a great time.

Again, thank you thank you thank you organizers of Hangout Fest and spin.com for sharing this with us the fans! It was a treat!

Here is a link to Hangout Fest if you want to catch any other shows live or check out the event: hangoutmusicfest.com

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My family decided to take a family Avettcation from Indianapolis to Charlotte to Atlanta and back home totalling 1,500 miles. I was excited and scared to death at the same time. dsc_0415 This would be the longest car trip for our family of four (3 year old and 1 year old) and my mother-in-law have taken ever. We left Indy at 5AM last Thursday and amazingly made it to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC by about 3:15. So far so good. The family really enjoyed the Great Wolf Lodge and the few days we spent there. By Saturday, my husband and I were exhausted, but ready to break out of the lodge and hit Bojangles’ Collesium for our first Avett Brothers home show. The anticipation was high. Would it be different in Charlotte?  We stopped by the Laurel Market for the Avett inspired sandwiches, but the Gimmeakiss ingredients were out by the time we got there. It was a bit disappointing, but their regular sandwiches were delicious none the less. We got to Bojangles’ about 2 PM expecting some excitement before the show, but the parking lot was rather empty. We did enjoy hearing the soundcheck and having a couple of beers in the parking lot. I also got my Tarot Cards read by our nice neighbors. That was interesting and fun too.

Next I got to meet Jim Avett in the parking lot, which was pretty awesome. He seemed a bit rushed, but all in all very gracious and informed me that he was going to be playing with the Overmountain Men dsc_0497 before the show. So around 4:30 we headed to the side stage. The Overmountain Men were pretty good and we enjoyed them a lot. They have a great feel to them and seemed to be natual performers. Bob Crawford seemed to really enjoy playing with them as well. Then Joe Kwon and Jim Avett joined them for the last few songs. It was nice to see them up close and with a smaller feel again. It feels like forever since I have seen the Avetts that way (in reality it has only been a few years). I also got to meet a few fellow Avett fans that I have come to know through the website, which was really a treat too.

So, now on to the Charlotte show.We waited in the pouring rain to get in. photo Unfortunately we didn’t have presale seats for this show, but I don’t think it mattered all that much.  We weren’t far from the presale general admission once we got in. Again everyone was excited once we got in. We met a couple Alex and Elizabeth who were from Scott’s alma mater ECU and it was great to chat with them.  Grace Potter and the Nocturnals rocked it out as I have seen them in the past.  At one point they are all playing the drums and that was really awesome to see.  Now it was time for the Avetts.   What I felt at this show, was that I was not a “crazy” Avett fan. Most everyone was like me and it wasn’t unthinkable that this was your 15th show. That was more the norm. I was surrounded with people like me (mostly younger versions though). The setlist was a good one and it was pretty amazing to look around and see all 9,000 people up on their feet singing every word to every song. It was big crowd and a loud one too. I wished that there wasn’t as much chatter going on through the songs, but with a crowd that big that is somewhat to be expected. It was also fun to live tweet the setlist from the show. I was nervous that I wouldn’t recognize or forget a song, but seriously here who was I kidding I know them all. Highlights for me were Scott, Seth and Bob opening with a much better than John Denver’s version of “It’s Good to Be Back Home Again”, Tear Down the House (this became a favorite of my at last year’s Nashville Show) and “I and Love and You”, which is always better live because you feel the meaning of it. It was amazing to see the whole place with their fingers up counting the I and Love and you. That was a special moment. Alas the sadness of an Avett show being over after another on of my newer favorites “Laundry Room”.

The next morning we loaded up the crew and headed out to Atlanta. Another smooth drive, but we didn’t get to the game until the fifth inning, which isn’t so bad with the little kids. dsc_0407 We got our field passes and made our way down after the Braves loss. From the field, I looked around and saw that a lot of people stayed for the game. I guess I never know what to expect because I still think of the Avetts as this little band that I know, not a band that over 15,000 people stick around after a Braves loss to watch. But this crowd was up on their feet, dancing and singing too. That was a pretty amazing sight to look up and see and hear. dsc_0418 Again, we weren’t in the greatest spot on the field because of our kids, but we put Elle up on our shoulders and enjoyed this show with a different feeling than ever before. My daughter, Elle, was so excited to see her favorite band and I think I was more excited that she was there to share this moment with us. We danced, clapped and sang along to her favorites. She was so excited when they played “Kickdrum Heart”. It was great. Then again following the Charlotte show theme, my favorite moment was when they played “I and Love and You” and dsc_0493 I looked up at my daughter on my husband’s shoulders with her fingers up counting the I and love and you. It was a tender moment that is embedded in my memory and hers too, because she said that was her favorite part.  Again the show was over and I am bummed, but I did get a high five from Scott as they were running off the field.  The only really sad part is that Elle was bummed that we didn’t get to meet “The Abett Broders”, because we didn’t have the meet and greet passes, but she got over it as soon as we offered her pizza.

All in all this was a great Avettcation and I am so glad that we went to see them play on their home field and then again on the baseball field. It is a trip we will all remember (except maybe Ben our one year old) forever.

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Nobody knows it but I am so sad!!

Nobody knows it but I am so sad! I just missed buying the meet and greet tickets for me and my 3 year old elle_sad daughter who loves loves loves the Avett Brothers. She knows their names, the instruments they play and which songs their sister Bonnie sings on. I am sitting here feeling agony because I didn’t buy the meet & greet tickets the moment they went on sale and tried to be responsible and check with my husband to make sure he thought it was a good idea and confirm we were actually going to go to the game/concert. After one single little hour of deliberation, they were sold out. So, yes good for the Avetts but sad sad sad for the Kremers! We did buy the field passes and Elle is looking forward to seeing the concert after the baseball game–so much so she told her preschool teachers about it today. So we will go that route and just hope that she doesn’t get crushed. I am assuming there will be a lot of open room…it is a baseball field.

FYI- I did talk to ticketing for the Braves today and they mentioned that there will be 10 meet and greet tickets going up for auction sometime this week. I asked for details, but Chase who so super sweet, didn’t have the details yet. So, if you too missed it there might still be a chance. Also, if you by chance have an extra please please please let me know!

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March Madness Avett Style

I came across this on Twitter and it’s called Avettology. It is a March Madness like bracket for Avett Brothers songs and albums. You go through the brackets and pick which is your favorite of the two songs. It is actually really tough and I was torn so many time, because I love so many songs so much. For example this round’s toughest for me was Jenny and the Summer Day vs. November Blue. Come on does it get much harder than that? I just closed my eyes and picked one. Well, check it out below and get your votes in before the next round. It is really fun to see what won and made it through to the next round.

Click here to fill in your brackets

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