Am I Losing My Mind????

I just got back from a week vacation at the lake with my family and all that is running through my head is “Am I losing my mind or am I growing backwards with time???”. My husband and kids were there the entire week and my two brothers, in-laws, my mother and aunt and uncle and my neighbors all made brief appearances throughout the week. resized-beach   What a week it was! Lots of good times with the family. It was over 100 degrees most of the time, so we spent time “At the Beach” trying to cool off and having fun. If it’s that hot, “If it’s the Beaches” is the only way to go. We relaxed, played games and had a great time. There were also the crazy moments of learning about “All My (and my family’s) Mistakes”, heard about some “Murder in the City”, took boat rides on “Distraction #74″ (Yes that’s the name of our boat), sang “Go To Sleep” to my crazy non sleeping kids, joked (some good and bad) with “One Line Wonders”, heard “Ten Thousand Words” and whines and cries that seemed never ending in some moments that made me feel like I was losing my mind and questioned whether I was losing the fight and growing “Backwards with Time”, felt not so great one morning “When I Drank” too much one fun evening, scored a few good finds at a “Yard Sale”, luckily we didn’t get “Swept Away” by the crazy boats on possibly the busiest lake week of the year and finally ended the weekend with a beautiful firework “Colorshow” over the lake.

Thanks everyone for a memorable week and the Avetts for your songs describing my week perfectly!

Enjoy this video of a seldom live playing of “Backwards With Time” and what’s left of summer!

Much Love,
Jenny (and the summer day:)

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“Die, Die, Die”= All day work meeting

So, I was in an all day meeting today in Chicago with many of my colleagues. Those meetings can be many times be excruciatingly long, but this one wasn’t so bad today. Maybe because I did a lot Avett sharing. Some of of my fellow coworkers know about my passion/obsession with The Avett Brothers and it was a real surprise to some of them when brought it up at after a few cocktails. Of course I can’t let an opportunity pass without spreading my Avett gospel and trying to get people to check out their music.

I was sitting next to my co-worker and she mentioned that she downloaded an Avett Brothers album before her drive from Indianapolis to Chicago. First and foremost, that is awesome that was how she chose to pass the time for her three hour drive. Naturally it is how I spend most of my time in the car! I asked which album and it too her a minute to come up with Emotionalism, which was even better because of course that was quite the breakthrough release for the Avetts–even though I Mignionette is still my fave. Then we were chatting and the song so far that stuck out to her was “Die, Die, Die”. It got me thinking to my favorite time that I have heard it live (they play it a lot live), which was Halloween at the Ryman 2010. It was their opening song (very appropriate) as they came out dressed up as mummies and played the whole show in toilet paper. That was a great weekend in Nashville and two of my absolute favorite Avett shows. So Erin and everyone enjoy the mummified version of “Die, Die, Die”!

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The Head and The Heart Last Night

head-and-the-heart Saw The Head and The Heart last night for the second time (third for my husband) and I am so excited for this band. They had two openers–I am sure because they just have one album. But when The Head and The Heart took the stage it was like something transformed The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis. The Vogue is a smaller general admission venue the Avetts used to play and I have many fond memories there of them.

The Head and The Heart put on a great show and played the music I love from their first album. Lost in my Mind (getting a lot of radio play and the first song I heard of theirs and without a doubt knew I was going to like this band), Down in the Valley and of course Rivers and Roads (Charity has an amazing voice and the crowd was so raptured by it). In my opinion and many others, Charity needs to be singing more for The Head and The Heart. I also really enjoyed some of the newer stuff that I hadn’t heard before like Gone.

So, I was chatting with some of my friends after the show and we were amazed and loved that the crowd was singing a long to so many of the songs. It felt like and Avett show where we feel apart of what is happening on stage and so taken in by the music.   jenny-charity One of my favorite things about The Head and The Heart is how their music/songs build up to this amazing climax in the song–it is almost a physical thing that is happening and you can’t help but be drawn in. We met Charity and Jon after the show and they were so nice and gracious to where they have come in such a short time.

Check out The Head and The Heart if they are coming your way. You won’t regret it!

Here is an older video of Rivers and Roads. This is a bike shop and look what power they still bring to this small crowd–reminds me of when I saw the Avetts the first time at the small wedding when we stood there amazed that just three people–Scott, Seth, and Bob could fill the room by themselves.

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Laundry Room Kind of Day

It’s a Laundry Room kind of day today.  It was a great weekend that I got to break that tired old routine and spend with a two great friends Joy and Sara.  We used to drive around in our parents car and do crazy things and we wished things would always stay like they were in the carefree days of college.  Who really realizes what a special time that is in your life and the wonderful lifelong friends you will meet?  We used our breathing time machine this weekend to reconnect, relax, laugh, cry and laugh until we cried.  I am glad that I got to do that this weekend and relive fun times with my friends and hope for happy times to come for them in their lives. This song is for you two girls– and everyone because this is a wonderful song!  Hope you all can do the same with your friends and those who really mean something to you sometime soon!

Enjoy a really fun version of Laudry Room.  By the way, I love Scott in this hat and the jam at the end rocks!!

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The Avett Brothers at the Americana Music Awards

Again Congratulations to The Avett Brothers for winning Best Group/Duo at the Americana Music Awards this week! It is their third win (2007, 2010, 2011). It is great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

Here is a link to their performance of their newer song “The Once and Future Carpenter” at the historic Ryman theater that night! I first heard this song in South Bend, IN in January.  The place was silent for almost the whole song and we all knew that this was a special song after hearing “If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die..” It is such a beautiful line (among many others too) and just goes to prove what wonderful songwriters these guys are!  If this song is any indication of what is to come on the new album, we are in store for a treat! Enjoy and remember we’re all in this together!

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The Avett Brothers on CMT’s Unplugged

Check out Unplugged with the Avett Brothers on It was really interesting to hear a little insight on how Scott and Seth write their songs. They played five songs and briefly discussed the why and background for each of them. I always love to hear these things. I know what these songs mean to me, but it’s great to hear to hear what they really mean to the writers.

They started with “Once and Future Carpenter” –a new one that I have been lucky to hear twice live in South Bend and Charlotte. The first time this song left me breathless. It is a beautiful song that talks about losing direction, finding it and that we are all in this together. Seth mentions that it represents where they are right now and how it is not fair to just represent where/who they’ve been. Listening to that tonight made me think of my trip to Subway for lunch today. I was wearing an Avett Brothers T-shirt (one of the first ones I ever bought). A girl asked me if I was going to the show when they come to town. Of course I am but we got to chatting and she asked me if I was upset that they had gotten so big (once again apparent by this exposure on CMT). I paused and said of course not. I am so happy for them and where they are now. I do love where they have been too. It would be a lie to say that I don’t miss seeing them in smaller venues and being up close and personal a little more. Listening to Seth sing the lyrics to this song that we are all in this together made me feel that I and all of the fans are a part of their journey.

Next was Laundry Room. This has been a favorite of mine since we first got I and Love and You. Scott describes this as capturing a moment in time in the laundry room.

The third song was January Wedding. Seth mentions that this song took him 10 minutes to write. It is a simple song about love and getting married. This song does have simple lyrics but paints a beautiful picture of a man in love and the girl that he is in love with. You can just envision her looking out the window at the trees watching the birds sing and you can see him just lovingly watching her.

The fourth song was And It Spread. Seth mentions that it is about the contagious nature of emotion both positive and negative, but ultimately making it full circle and ending with love.  I was glad to hear their thoughts on the song because this is a song that I’ve enjoyed musically but had a hard time connecting with. Tonight I was able to a little more. 

Then they played a cover of Roger Miller’s “Where Have All The Ordinary People Gone”. This was a treat and one I have never heard them cover before, but as I listened to the lyrics I thought of how appropriate they lyrics are for them. The song talks about not fitting anywhere. The country call me city and the city call me countryfied. I am sure this is a dilemma that the Avetts face a lot with their music as we all have trouble from time to time exactly describing it and feeling that we have truly done them justice. It seems like they are finding their way just fine appealing to so many different genres of music.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Red Rocks Reflection

I really wish that I could have been at the Red Rocks show. It really got me excited for the upcoming shows that I have on the docket in Indiana–just wish they were sooner. The setlist was a good one and I really enjoy In the Curve, Murder in the City and was tickled by the return of Back Home Again after hearing it at the Charlotte show.

What really struck me after reading this review by Jon Solomon and watching Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s introduction of The Avett Brothers is really how big these guys are getting. It’s been obvious since the Grammys, but sometimes I somewhat forget and still think of them as this little band that only I and a somewhat small group of people know about and feel special for loving so much. He mentions the special connection between brothers that I felt from the very first time I heard their music and likened them to the Wilson and Everly Brothers. He stated that they give so much of themselves to their audience and that they are “One of the best rock n’roll bands on earth.” Okay, not sure that I would totally classify them as rock n’ roll, but one of the best bands on earth yes. These are things that I have been saying and trying to convince my friends and family of for years and now the governor of Colorado is announcing it before this show. I say way to go Governor and send and email to our governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels to introduce the Avetts and some musical taste to him–not that I know his taste but I doubt The Avett Brothers are on his iPod.

So, it seems that it is certain that The Avett Brothers are reaching a much broader audience and I have finally convinced my friends and family to get on The Avett bus and they haven’t looked back. Thank you Red Rocks and Governor Hickenlooper for being such big supporters of The Avett Brothers. Looks like it was a great night.

Jon Solomon’s Review

Read more about John Hickenlooper who after reading about him seems like a really interesting guy

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Mountain Jam Interview–New Album Talk

Here is an interview with The Avett Brothers on Woodstock Radio from Mountain Jam. They talk about having recorded 24 songs from this point for the new album and it didn’t sound like they were done. It seems like they are going to let the cream rise to the top and the best songs to present themselves. Our friend Larry Copeland speculated that it could be a double album–wouldn’t that be nice! From other interviews, it does seem like this is a fairly normal process when they are making an album and it is likely the longest they have gone without releasing a new album. As Seth said in the interview, “There is a lot of backlog” of songs. I would love to see the songs that don’t ever make the cut. I am sure they are fantastic as well. I can’t wait for the release of the new album. I am so curious to see what they have to say about the last two years and the crazy roller coaster it must have been.

Here you go. Enjoy!

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