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Hello everyone. I would love to make Fridays a day for the Avett Fans to have a chance to talk Avett. So, is anyone interested in guest south-bend-avettbrothers-26 posting on the website? You can talk about whatever you want–why you love the Avetts, your favorite or most recent show experience, an article or song you love and why, your Avett journey however long or short it has been, something else interesting or really just anything that you want. Fell free to include pictures or videos in your posts as well. south-bend-avettbrothers-1

So, if you are interested in guest posting for a Fan Friday either comment on this post, fill out the contact us portion, comment on Facebook or email me at . I will let you know which Friday is yours!


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  1. Cynthia Cook #

    What is NOT To LOVE About the Avett Brothers??? I Love that …
    - They are REAL!
    - They are Passionate!
    - They are ROCKIN’!
    - They are Honest!
    - They are HEARTFELT!
    - They are In LOVE With What they Do!
    - They are The BEST Live Show EVER!
    - They are SO IN TUNE with One Another!
    - They are Friends!
    - They are FUN!
    - They are a Little Bit BlueGrass … a Little Bit Punk Rock … A Little Bit Grundge … A Little Bit Ballad!
    - They are in Love w/ Their Fans!
    - They are able to let Us ALL Sing ALL the Words to ALL the Songs w/out getting Put Out!
    - They are Producers of G-Love’s New Album – Which … Is Awesome!
    - They Are COMING To Augusta, Athens, Charlotte, & Atlanta …
    - They are Playing for ME at EACH of those Shows!
    - They are … Quite Simply … The Avett Brothers …
    - They are in a Class of their Own!
    - They are My Favorite Band!

    THANK YOU, TAB!!! I can’t WAIT to see you again!

    : )

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