FAN FRIDAY–William’s Second Avett Show and It keeps getting better!

What a way to end an Avett filled week! First, a show in Augusta on Sunday and then a show in Savannah three days later! Oh, and I got to meet Joe and Jacob too!
Before the Augusta show, I was excited since it was my first time seeing the boys live. This time in Savannah, I was excited because I knew what was before me. I couldn’t have been any more wrong. The Savannah show was even better than the Augusta show. For one, the fans seemed a little less rowdy. I really appreciated the Savannah crowd being more considerate during ballads. After all, an Avett fan pays to hear the band, not the obnoxious screaming and yelling during an intimate moment between the fans and the boy’s heart-felt lyrics.
Alright, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get down to business! Originally, my wife and I were attending the show by ourselves, and then as luck would have it, I came across a single pit ticket. I would have to admit that leaving my wife to sit by herself while I sat in the pit crossed my mind. I even thought about the two of us taking turns of sharing the seat. As luck would have it, one of my wife’s friends wanted to go. Her friend has never heard of The Avett Brothers and I thought this would be an awesome time to introduce her to them. I had planned on the friend taking the pit seat, but my wife and her friend insisted on sitting together and letting me have the pit seat. Lucky me! My seat was front row. I mean arms on the stage front row! I was directly in front between Seth and their piano. What a treat for this only being my second show!
The Savannah show was different in many ways, and one of those differences was that there would be no opener for the night. Earlier that evening, Joe Kwon Tweeted simply, “No opener tonight. Just us and us alone.” Personally, I have always enjoyed “openers” at concerts. For me, it’s a chance to get warmed up for the main attraction and to hear new talent. Then I remembered Joe’s Tweet and thought how personal and intimate he made tonight’s concert sound, so I was content without an opener.
At promptly 9 p.m., the auditorium lights dimmed and the rich and colorful stage lights lit up. I immediately felt the heat from the lights. I couldn’t believe that I was this close! The boys opened with ‘Laundry Room’. Right from the start, Seth delivered a bone chilling moment when he walked to the stage edge and belted out his part…..No microphone, just his pure and natural voice. It’s hard to describe a moment like this. Thankfully, an Avett board member caught the moment on film. It can be seen here:

A big THANK YOU to Edward LaRossa for uploading this on Youtube.
The crowd was calmer, the sound was phenomenal, and the boys seemed to have gotten some long deserved rest. Their energy level was top notch! In between lyrics Scott frantically paced the stage in front of “Smiling” Jacob’s drum kit while constantly fine tuning his banjo. And every time Scott jumped on the pedal of his kick drum, it sent a punch right to the chest. You could feel the sound wave pressure with every kick. Seth and his fancy foot work are a show all on their own. Bob and Joe plucked and sawed at their upright wooden beauties while bouncing and stomping wildly. By the way, someone give Joe a microphone! “Smiling” Jacob Edwards never comes across as over enthusiastic (I don’t mean this in a bad way). Jacob just seems content with beating out a flawless drum line…..and that he does. There were several times that I could see him biting his bottom lip or mouthing lyrics as he beat out certain drum licks.
The set list was no less than amazing. I know that some people are bent on hearing The Avett’s older songs and I even overheard a few folks sharing their disappointment in not hearing more of them. I personally enjoy each and every song. Each songs tells a story and whatever songs they wish to share…..I am more than pleased to sit and listen.
The highlights for the night were many. Meeting Jacob Edwards and getting his autograph and a photo were cool. Hearing Seth’s part at the beginning of ‘Laundry Room’ was just surreal. Hearing ‘Salina’, ‘Tear Down The House’, ‘Scared To Die’, AND the unbelievable ‘Dream Appointed’ live was the ultimate! You heard me right. The boys performed ‘Dream Appointed’! What a beautiful song! I have always loved ‘Dream Appointed’, and I was always told that I would more than likely never hear it at a concert. So, you imagine my surprise when they performed it. More than anything, I am happy for my new Avett friend, Ashley, who has longed to hear this song live. She finally got her wish. The best part, she was front stage when she finally heard it. It doesn’t get any better than that folks!
If you are a true Avett fan, do yourself a favor and check them out live. Between the boys, their stage manager Mr. Peter Schroth and the rest of the crew……they deliver one heck of a show. You will not be disappointed.
If by chance any of the boys read this…….Thank you for sharing your music, passion and lives with us. Keep safe out there on the roads and God bless! See ya soon!

William Calcote
Hopeulikit, Ga

Thanks again for your posts William on your first 2 shows!


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