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Okay, so a friend of mine just showed me this website where you can listen to live shows and recordings for many bands. Click the link and type in the band you want to hear: Avett (of course). I have looked it up online and appears to be legit and legal. It has maybe 30 Avett Shows from a small bar in Nashville in 2004 to Bonnaroo in 2008 to more recent shows last year. The sounds quality ranges from awesome to just okay, but it has been so much fun to listen to their older shows and a lot of the older songs, even some of the unreleased songs that I had never heard. You can also just look at the setlists and decide whether you want to listen. I have been obsessed with it for a few days now. There are also so many recordings from Avett Friends: Grace Potter, Low Anthem, and GLove and pretty much any artist that you can think of. If you have heard of it, why haven’t you told me about it, but if not set some time aside and enjoy these Avett shows from the past.

Again the site is Enjoy!


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