Welcome Avett Tour 2012!!!

So, here we go! Another Avett tour has started! Who’s excited? I know I am. I am hoping for some midwest dates announced very soon so I can get my next show on the books. I wish I could fly all over the country and see a lot of shows, but with two young children that just isn’t happening right now in my life.

After a bit of a hiatus from posting, I thought I would start back up with the first official setlist of the year! It’s a long one, but a good one as usual. Every Avett song holds a memory or sparks a feeling in me, so I thought I’d share those to kick this year off right!

Will You Return?- I love the lyric “I wish you’d see yourself as beautiful as I see you”.  We never do see ourselves as others do. Why not?

The Fall–This holds 2 real memories for me.  The first is Halloween 2010 at the Ryman where we met a great group of people waiting to meet the band (they didn’t come out that night) and there was a kid dressed up as the visitor in black. There were some people who didn’t get his costume but we got it immediately and sparked a great conversation and had a wonderful time waiting in the freezing cold.

The second is seeing Paleface and Mo in a tiny little venue here in Indy sing this song.  It was a fun night getting to know PF and Mo and really enjoyed talking to them and getting some insight on their relationship with the Avetts.

At the Beach- AKA “Lake Tippy Song”  This is the song that our family plays when we are headed to the lake on the weekends and trying to forget the 9 to 5.  Elle, my 4 year old belts out “We just have to leave all that behind” and I feel the stress of life and the upcoming relaxing fun weekend take over me.

Paranoia in Bb Major–This reminds me of my friend Heather.  This was her first favorite song.  I think of her almost every time I hear it.  Plus, I am sure we can all relate to not being able to make everyone happy all of the time, even though we feel like we try.

Tin Man- There are people (I’m not calling anyone out here) who this song reminds me of–even myself some days.  The old tin man sees pain, but doesn’t feel it but he misses that feeling of feeling.  Who hasn’t felt like this at times in their life? We all have times where each moment of our life feels the same and we long when each moment was different.

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise- The Grammys of course.  I loved the build up to The Avett Brothers playing on the Grammys and then seeing them kill it and people finally not shooting me down the first five times I try to get them to listen to their music.  After the Grammys, it seemed like a much easier sell.  This is also one of my mom’s favorite songs, which was quite a feat getting her to listen to my music even though I spent my life listening to her music and loving it.

Just a Closer Walk With Thee–Just a beautiful song and shows the spiritual nature of these guys.

Once And Future Carpenter–This is an exciting preview of the future for the Avetts.  The first time I heard this in South Bend, IN in January 2011 it was still fresh and new.  No one in the crowd knew it and we all sat there and just listened in silence.  Then the lyric Seth sung “If I live the life I’m given–I won’t be scared to die” and we were in awe at the amazing ability of these guys to put together a song in such a way that we can all relate and leave us a bit stunned. They craft words in such a clever way that it’s almost impossible not to be taken in by their art.

Pretty Girl from Cedar Lane–Another one of my favs.  This song makes me hate every girl named Ashley (or at least this mysterious one).  I mean seriously who would leave Scott Avett on the rooftop all night long?  Only a crazy fool.  But it does show the down to earth real life experiences these guys have had.  We’ve all been stood up or dumped and drank Bourbon (insert your drink of choice) in sorrow by ourselves.

Slight Figure of Speech-Two memories here too.  The first is that this song is the sole reason I started watching the TV show Parenthood.  It was in the opening scene of the pilot.  I had to watch to hear my Avetts on TV and had to keep watching out of respect of a show the recognizes great music and realized that the show was awesome.  I am now an avid follower.

The second memory was in Merrillville, IN 2011.  It was an odd and sparse crowd with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band opening, but the Avetts rocked it like there was a full house.  I was in the front with a young girl who had a poster saying it was her birthday and she wanted to hear Slight Figure of Speech.  I was bummed because it is not a favorite of mine, but the show was winding down to the last song and Seth looked at her and winked as they fired up SOS.  It was just a sign that these guys pay attention and do love and care about their fans.  Not to mention this is the show that I got a banjo pick Scott threw out too.

January Wedding–My four year old has already planned to marry the love of her life Caleb in January because of this song.  It’s just a beautiful story and I can just see the birds performing in the morning on her wedding day, now whether that’s to Caleb only time will tell.

Denouncing November Blue- This is a personal fav of mine.  I love the references to jelly shoes, the memories of all the cries I have over guys and then moving on as quickly as I got attached, the story of traveling the open road and and talking to people and realizing they “don’t know nothing—no matter what they tell you”.  Not to mention this has a lot of banjo and harmonica which I love.

Murder in the City (daughter/son)–This is a special one for me.  I first heard this song in 2008 at the Bluebird in Bloomington, IN.  I stood in the crowd with tears running down my face.  This song touched me in a way few songs ever have and made me so happy to finally share my name with someone and it to really mean something.

When I Drink- I love this one too.  It reminds me of being younger and drinking all the time and doing dumb stuff.  It also is a reflection of growing up and not wanting to act like that anymore.  The line “You only get so many days–now I have one less” is genius and my husband and I reference it all the time on the rare occasions we get to go out alone or with our friends.  We love to have fun, but don’t want to have one less day with our kids–not to mention hungover days are miserable with a 2 and 4 year old.

Shame– We all need a helping hand some days- Don’t say you don’t!  I love the last line of this song which says “I couldn’t help them, now I can” .  We can all help each other out in small or big ways in life.  Sometimes it’s a smile, sometimes it’s introducing them to The Avett Brothers music, and sometimes it’s giving them food.  We all can help each other or will need help at some point in our lives and this song is a reminder that we are all capable of that.

Matrimony– Another song that I think I have only heard live once at the Ryman over Halloween weekend 201o.  I remember that Matt our friend was excited to hear it.  I like the different feel and pace to this one too.

Salina– I see this as a tribute to all the hard work the Avetts put into on the road.  They are all over and giving a shout out so some of their stops along the way.  My hometown of Indianapolis is mentioned it too, which is always fun when they play here.

And It Spread–This was the opening song to the Indianapolis show this past year.  That was such a wonderful day for me.  We had such an amazing experience with the food drive, the venue and the generosity of the Avett Brothers.  It is a day I will never forget all you as fans coming up with your cans and donations.  I felt so special to be a part of the Avett fan base that day.  It was the most successful concert food drive for Gleaners (a huge food bank here in Indiana) that they can ever remember.  It was truly one of the best days ever.

I Killed Sally’s Lover–This is a great lesson.  A bleeding heart is better that the penitentiary.  No matter what someone does to you in a relationship or life, there are better ways to move on than Sally’s ex-lover did. It is a fun song live!

Down With The Shine–Another “newer” song that makes me excited for the upcoming new album.  I love this feel of this song.  This song talks about change happening to you right now.  Things that change and look shiny aren’t always as they seem.

I and Love and You–And the Avetts are big time now with this one.  This is the song that got first radio play on our local station (and many of your stations I’m sure).  It reminds me that they will never look back and keep spreading their music to whoever will listen and try to keep that intimate connection with their fans even though it gets harder the bigger you get.  And I do love seeing my daughter put her 3 fingers up and sing “I and Love and You”

Living of Love- This is a song that I like and will sing along any day, but don’t have a specific memory or feeling tied to it.  Just being honest here.

Go To Sleep–I sing this to my kids every night :)

Colorshow -I love this raucous song.  I am loud (too loud at times) and I feel like I let my colors show.  If you know me, you know that I am up front, direct and honest to a fault at time.

Ballad of Love and Hate–What a story this is!  It is amazing how Seth can stand up with just his guitar and draw you into this fairly long song with is guitar, his beautiful voice and ability to tell a story.  I also love Ballad False start when recording Live Vol. 3.  Who can get so lost in the moment and forget as song and just start over and have fans who ate it up?  The Avett Brothers–that’s who.

Talk On Indolence-This reminds me that the Avetts aren’t just bluegrass, country, punk grass, americana, folk,  or whatever you want to call them.  This shows a real versatility and ability to really rock it out!  I love the punk side to these guys as well as the soft side too.

This may have been my longest post ever! I had no idea it would be this long. Sorry! Enjoy the upcoming year with The Avett Brothers.


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  1. Excellent, excellent post. Loved hearing about why you love all of these songs. Makes me want to make a list of all my own reasons. ;) Thanks again Jenny for such a wonderful post!!!

  2. John #

    Perfect timing on this post as my family just piled into our minivan for the 18 hour drive back to Ohio. My wife and I attended the show while my mother watched our 3 yr and 1 yr olds. I can totally relate to where you are coming from. They were amazing last night and it was a perfect night under the stars, my 4th show and loved hearing Closer to thee live, Living of love was also very special and I highly recommend trying to find this version on youtube.
    I think there was another song from the new album that was played and not listwd here. Sorry I cant remember the name yet it was also fantastic!
    Now we are listening to the songs in order and the whole family is loving it! @bardun3

  3. Dale Lachney Walker #

    They are awesome & make me feel so alive. I cannot wait to see them live. I have been trying to find a cd of them around my hometown but that isn’t possible. I will just order it online.

  4. John #

    Jenny I’m 99% sure they also played Please Pardon Yourself in Boca. I don’t remember exactly where and it was about 2/3 through the show. I remember singing “just show me how….”

  5. Val #

    Great post, Jenny!!! I can tell you put a lot of thought and heart into it! And yes, I’ll see you in January for that wedding!

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