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I just stumbled on this article that I saw a while back, but just reread. It is a really good feature in Garden & Gun Magazine with a video of “The Weight of Lies”–it is not a regular read of mine but I will read it if the Avetts are in it. The article was written before the Grammys as if they knew this newfound fame was on its way. They talk of their humble upbringing in North Carolina and wanting to remain in touch with that part of themselves. How they fought being labeled any genre of music like “punk-grass” and now they just don’t care any more. The choice of “The Weight of Lies” is interesting as well. It has one of my favorite Avett lines “When you run make sure you run to something and not away from, because lies don’t need an aeroplane, to chase you down.”

It is almost as if they are trying their damnedest to stay true to themselves and running to (not away from) something bigger that they know the future holds.

Either reread or check out the article: The Brothers Avett- Garden and Gun Magazine

If you just want to watch the video:


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