Calling the Irish! Welcome St. Patrick and Flogging Molly

Tomorrow is the first day of March and heading towards St. Patrick’s Day! It is the season of green and clovers and drinking and some Irish music. I obviously love The Avett Brothers, so I found Flogging Molly as a fun “friend” to The Avett Brothers. Flogging Molly is another band that is hard to categorize as they range from Celtic to punk as the Avetts range from bluegrass to punk. So, a little different, but with some similarities. They too play a banjo and acoustic guitar, but replace my beloved Joe Kwon’s cello with a violin and add an accordian, mandolin and tin whistle and you have Flogging Molly. The group is now centered around a husband and wife: Dave is from Dublin and Bridget is from Detroit (not brothers, but still a family connection). Their hard driving sound has the crowd up on their feet for most of the show too, but it is a bit of a harder sound that does have people going crazy…in a mosh pit. Now mosh pits aren’t exactly my favorite and I am glad to never have seen one at an Avett show, but there is a similar feel to some of their music replacing the more Americana feel with an Irish/Celtic vibe. They tour constantly and have built and incredible fan following-again similar to the Avetts.

I have never seen Flogging Molly live, but I have really enjoyed watching their videos and music online. So much so that I think that I may have to catch them when they come through town here soon. So, that being said they are on tour here in the US starting March 2nd in New York with a number of stops in the Midwest including Indianapolis and Chicago and spending St. Patrick’s Day out west in Arizona. Luckily this doesn’t conflict with any of our planned Avett shows! Check out their website to see if they are coming your way:

Maybe you like them already, maybe you don’t but it is worth a listen! Here is a video of them in concert!

Detroit Free Press Article about Flogging Molly

UPDATE: Flogging Molly set to release new album May 31, 2011 Click here to read announcement


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