Dolph Ramseur Interview with Uptown Magazine

Here is a great interview from Uptown Magazine with Dolph in late 2009.  He describes North Carolina musicians and talks a lot about the Avett Brothers.  My favorite line is when he calls The Avett Brothers “Part revival, part Andy Griffith, part real serious dark songwriting all mixed in and it all works.”  Isn’t that the truth.  Even their manager has a hard time describing the music that they produce, but one thing is clear: It works and evokes emotion in us all. The print article goes in more detail to Dolph’s discovery of The Avett Brothers and how they are making music that is not “disposable” and expects to being hearing them in 50 years. I hope so! This was fun to watch and there are some good pictures throughout of The Avett brothers and other artists on Ramseur Records.  Check it out.

Read the actual print article in Uptown Magazine


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