Erin Sitton–my old friend

Well, I have recently gone back to work 4 days a week (from 2 days) and one of the benefits of that is the time I get alone in the car driving and I can actually listen to music I like–not Dora or the Wiggles videos. I recently got a new phone and reloaded all my music from iTunes. I was driving home today with my iPhone on shuffle and my friend from college Erin Sitton’s “A Wedding Song” played. I almost cried remembering it playing during my wedding reception and realized that it must not have been on my old phone. I have thought many times that I wish I knew The Avett Brothers before I got married, bc the music in my wedding would have been totally different. Erin’s “A Wedding Song” was the closest thing to an Avettlike song that was played at our wedding and I didn’t even realize it until today.

erin-sitton Erin Sitton was one of the first artists that I fell in love with in the folk style of music–at first because she was a friend, but later because I could relate to her lyrics and loved the way her music made me feel. I am so thankful for that. Erin’s last release “Gone by Noon” was in 2005 and contains songs about family, growing up, love and life. We have lost touch other than being Facebook friends, but I hope she knows that I still listen and love her music and hope to hear more some day.

Check out Erin Sitton’s “Gone by Noon” on iTunes


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