Food Drive and Indy Show

Saturday, October 1st was truly an amazing day. I was looking forward to my 14th Avett Brothers show and that usually is enough to make it a great day in itself, but there was more to this day. food-drive  I organized, with the help of the wonderful people at Live Nation, White River State Park and The Avett Brothers, a food drive to benefit Gleaners, a local food bank. Here’s how it all unfolded that special night.

We filled about 10 fifty five gallon barrels of food and raised $2,014 in cash donations! That is truly phenomenal. The cash donations themselves will provide meals for 10,070 people here in central and southern Indiana. With the canned donations, we raised enough to feed about double the people who attended the show!

People showed up from all over (IL, OH, WV to name a few) with canned goods in their hands. They reached into their pockets and made generous donations. Even though there was one entry for the guitar per person no matter how much they donated or if they even donated at all, people guitar-winner were donating $5-20 along with the cans they brought. Mary Vaccari, who won the autographed guitar traveled in from Illinois with her kids and brought can goods all the way with her. The generosity of the Avett fans who were at the show was overwhelming and humbling.

I can tell you that this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had and this whole endeavor from start to finish has heightened my belief in the true goodness of people– from those who donated raffle items to those who donated their time to the fans who donated food and money.

Oh yeah then I got to hear the Avetts deliver a killer show full of energy in the f-f-freezing Indiana weather! It was a glorious night. Thank you all for being a part of it!


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  1. Val #


  2. The Boak #

    It was a great night and you helped us feed many people in need. Thanks!

  3. William #

    Congratulations, Jenny!

  4. Matt #

    Congrats! Great way to turn a personal passion into something that benefits so many others.

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