Good Avett vs. Mumford Article

I really enjoyed this blog post by Matt Rickett discussing the similarities between the Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons. It is a great read if you like them both or if you love one more too. This is a debate that I have been having internally for a while as well. Matt dissects “The Cave” by Mumford and “If It’s The Beaches” by the Avetts to show their different styles of song writing and appeal. Ultimately Mumford and Sons first album “Sigh No More” is really relatable but doesn’t challenge us too much, which is what gives it great commercial appeal. The Avetts who have spent years building their fan following, take a more intimate and personal approach to their songs which perhaps takes a little longer to have that commercial appeal, but is beautiful and challenging to those who really listen and have been listening for years.

I think Matt sums up why we love both bands a lot, “Mumford is a band that will lift you up, inspire you, bring you to your best and cheer you on. But, the Avett Brothers is a band that will make you a better person.”

It definitely worth a read! Click here to read Newwavemagic blog


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