Jim Avett–I have a new found respect!

I just became friends with Jim Avett on Facebook and I am really glad that I did. I read part of a response he had to a “friend” who was congratulating him on his sons’ performance on the Grammys, which I am sure any father would be beaming with pride and shouting it from the rooftops that their sons rocked the Grammys and jim_avett_and_sons-e1277010458320found an amazing new audience for their music. But his humble and sincere response made me realize why and how Seth and Scott are able to write such beautiful lyrics and stay grounded as performers. He said he was happy that their music is touching so many people as is the goal with any singer/songwriter and the Grammys allowed that to happen in a big way. He also mentioned how proud he was of all his children and seeing them perform on a national stage brought him as much joy as seeing them play music on their front porch and living normal lives. He said in the interview below and I love this “I told the boys early on play it the way you play it, and if it’s good, if it’s entertaining, then folks will come to hear you. If not, then we’ll sit here on the front porch and entertain ourselves.” This little smidgen of insight into the man who raised the Avett Brothers brought a little joy to my day and made me think about what kind of parent I want to be as my children grow up. Do I want to focus on all the big proud accomplishments from the world or the ones they have on our front porch?

Check out Jim on Facebook or on his website www.jimavett.com
Jim Avett Interview from 2010
Just added:Interview with Jim in Our State North Carolina Magazine

Here is Jim performing with Scott and Seth this past New Years!


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  1. Stef #

    That’s a great reminder, Jenny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jenny #

    Thanks for reading Stef and for the comment. I just love this guy, the more I “get to know” him.

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