Joe Kwon Speaks

I have always loved Joe Kwon!  I was an Avett Brothers fan before he was with the group and and even bigger one after they added him to their trio.  He is the so entertaining to watch at a show.  He does not have a mic (hmmmm wonder why), but sings his heart out to every song.  He is a fan up on stage rocking out with his joe-kwoncello.  He plays that cello like I have never seen before and being a former violist in an orchestra, I have seen a lot of cello performances.    The cello is a beautiful instrument and it blows my mind the way Joe can make beautiful slow ballads haunting and then rock down on the next song.   His sound adds such a fullness and beauty to the already beautiful lyrics and music of  The Avett Brothers. 

So, I was pleasantly surprised to come across this little article from Joe leading up to the DC show this weekend.  Joe talks about joining the group and how he thought he could sit down and play his cello as he always had, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to fly.  He talks about their diet, of couse he is a foodie.   But, perhaps my favorite part was when he spoke of their music striving to make them better boyfriends, husbands, brothers, and sons.  I have never thought of it from this perpective before, but after reading it I was touched that they get the same feeling from producing their music that I do from listening to it.  Ironically, I was just speaking with a co-worker of mine today about how music can help you through the rough patches of life and make the good times even more enjoyable and it seems like the band gets that same thing out of writing and performing their work as we do listening.

Chewing the Fat:Joe Kwon of the Avett Brothers


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