I & Love & You Review/Reflection

Here is a review of I & Love & You from a while back by Jared Jernagen from the Greencastle Banner, a small town Indiana newspaper. I hadn’t read it before, but it came to my attention because someone had spammed the Avett Boards on their site and brought this to the forefront with a new post.

It is nice to read these older reviews and posts sometimes now that the dust has settled a little and to reflect back on the music. As we look forward to the new album coming out sometime soon, it is great to hear how we have come to this point. I think The Avett Brothers have accomplished something rare in keeping their base of older/let’s call us original fans engaged and still loving their music as they grow and change as artists and their music reaches a broader audience. It’s hard to do and they are doing it with their beautifully crafted lyrics and harmonies–and of course their killer live shows.

So, here is the article. Thanks to my fellow Indiana Avett fan. Way to bring the Avett music to Greencastle, IN!

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