Mountain Jam Interview–New Album Talk

Here is an interview with The Avett Brothers on Woodstock Radio from Mountain Jam. They talk about having recorded 24 songs from this point for the new album and it didn’t sound like they were done. It seems like they are going to let the cream rise to the top and the best songs to present themselves. Our friend Larry Copeland speculated that it could be a double album–wouldn’t that be nice! From other interviews, it does seem like this is a fairly normal process when they are making an album and it is likely the longest they have gone without releasing a new album. As Seth said in the interview, “There is a lot of backlog” of songs. I would love to see the songs that don’t ever make the cut. I am sure they are fantastic as well. I can’t wait for the release of the new album. I am so curious to see what they have to say about the last two years and the crazy roller coaster it must have been.

Here you go. Enjoy!


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