“Point of Retreat” by Colleen Hoover–Review & Interview with Author and Avett Fan Colleen Hoover

pointofretreatHere is a link to Colleen Hoover’s second book “Point of Retreat”. It picks up where Slammed left off for Lake and Will. I will try not to spoil Slammed if you haven’t read it. Point of Retreat sees a somewhat more mature side of the characters after all they had gone through (and it was a lot for one short book) leading up to this sequel. I really loved Slammed and was a little nervous for Colleen and the sequel, but Colleen really did a great job following up such a sweet story in Slammed. I did miss the poetry from Slammed, but the few slams that were in Point of Retreat were really clever and enjoyed how they played into the plot of the book. Point of Retreat is now from Will’s perspective and introduces new characters who have entered the scene–some good like Kiersten and Sherry and some like Vaughn almost ruin it all.

Colleen has such clever ways of parenting for Lake and Will with sweet and suck (which my family had the practiced a form of the sweet, but we have introduced the suck now too). Other relevant and timely topics are addressed like bullying in schools, which was addressed with tenderness from the child and friend’s perspective and unfortunately realistic from the adult/school perspective. There are definitely a lot of Avett references and this time it was more subtle but equally as clever as in Slammed. Many are woven throughout as “stars” of advice from Julia (Lake’s mother). I also loved this idea, because who couldn’t us a vase full of advice to go to when you are feeling lonely or sad or that no one understands how you are feeling.

Again, kudos to Colleen Hoover for capturing the love and Will of these characters for a second time. Sequels rarely do live up to the original, but Point of Retreat most definitely holds it own. So, go to Amazon.com and download it for a mere $4.99 and support a fellow Avett fan—it will not be a waste of your time or money. Also Slammed is still available on Amazon.com for $2.99 if you haven’t read it first.

Here are a few questions that I had the privilege of discussing with Colleen about Point of Retreat:
Avettbrosfans: Why did you decide do a sequel to Slammed?
Readers. I was humbled by the response I received to Slammed, and how so many people fell in love with Hoover: Lake and Will just like I did. I really had no intentions of doing a sequel, but it was soon obvious that they weren’t through telling their story.

Avettbrosfans: What inspired you for the second installment, because at one point I thought that Slammed may be the only book with Lake & Will.
Colleen:Again, Readers. And the fact that I would lay in bed wide awake at night with tons of ideas flooding in for the sequel. I thought I had left Slammed at a point where a sequel wouldn’t be needed, but I realized the reader never really got to see Layken and Will in a relationship. I know I wanted to see more of how they interacted as a couple, since Slammed led up to that point.

Avettbrosfans: What’s the main difference between Slammed & Point of Reatreat?
Colleen: It’s from Will’s point of view this time. (hee hee. Yay) And it’s more ‘grown up’ with more ‘grown up’ themes. They aren’t in high school anymore, so of course there is sex talk and the like. Pretty much it. I tried to keep the same flow and all that.

Avettbrosfans: Is this the final Chapter for Lake & Will or will we see more of their story?
Colleen: I hesitate to answer that. I honestly feel like I finished telling their story and would like to move on to something else. But that’s how I felt after Slammed and it didn’t work out that way. It’s almost like I have to wait and see what the characters tell me to do, if that makes sense. I have also thought about doing some short stories for Amazon that are told from the POV of other characters in the novel. We’ll see where it leads. I enjoy writing so there will definitely be more of SOMETHING. Just not sure what at this point.

Avettbrosfans: We loved the Avett References in Slammed. How much are the Avetts woven in Point of Retreat?
Colleen: I couldn’t write a sequel without showing a little bit of Avett love. I didn’t use lyrics as chapter headings in this one, but there are a few references. Not as much as in Slammed, though. I am grateful to Ramseur Records for giving me the permission to use the Chapter headings in Slammed, but didn’t want to appear as though I was utilizing TAB for my own personal profit by doing it again. That’s why I chose not to add chapter lyrics into this book. My initial priority was to put a book out there that would introduce readers to their music. Everyone has an inner Avett fan in them, and I wanted to help pull that out. I have received a lot of messages from people that have enjoyed Slammed, but the messages that are the most touching are the ones thanking me for introducing them to TAB music. That rocks! There’s just something special about those boys!

Avettbrosfans: It seems like response to you first book has been tremendous–what had that been like for you?
Colleen: I honestly couldn’t be more stoked. I didn’t think anyone would read it outside of my friends and family, so when people I didn’t know downloaded it the first day it was available, I was so excited! It is such a great feeling that people have enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. With each Amazon review that came in, I would print it out and put it in a scrapbook. I know that sounds cheesy, but every single review I received was like Christmas morning! It still is. I love hearing that people enjoyed what I wrote. It’s what keeps me motivated and determined to keep writing.

Avettbrosfans: What else do we need to know about Colleen Hoover and Point of Retreat?
Colleen: While Point of Retreat is a follow-up to Slammed, it’s very different. For those that haven’t read Slammed, I don’t want to give too much away. The book focuses more on the personal lives of Layken and Will and how they cope in their relationship and in their role as guardians. Of course I had to add some twists and turns in there, too. I am hoping that readers enjoy the second installment just as much as they did the first. And for those that haven’t read Slammed, I have lowered the price to $2.99 just for you!


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  1. I have not read Slammed but after reading this post, I am going to get myself a copy. Sounds intriguing.

  2. Looking forward to searching out and identifying the Avett references.

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