Red Rocks Reflection

I really wish that I could have been at the Red Rocks show. It really got me excited for the upcoming shows that I have on the docket in Indiana–just wish they were sooner. The setlist was a good one and I really enjoy In the Curve, Murder in the City and was tickled by the return of Back Home Again after hearing it at the Charlotte show.

What really struck me after reading this review by Jon Solomon and watching Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s introduction of The Avett Brothers is really how big these guys are getting. It’s been obvious since the Grammys, but sometimes I somewhat forget and still think of them as this little band that only I and a somewhat small group of people know about and feel special for loving so much. He mentions the special connection between brothers that I felt from the very first time I heard their music and likened them to the Wilson and Everly Brothers. He stated that they give so much of themselves to their audience and that they are “One of the best rock n’roll bands on earth.” Okay, not sure that I would totally classify them as rock n’ roll, but one of the best bands on earth yes. These are things that I have been saying and trying to convince my friends and family of for years and now the governor of Colorado is announcing it before this show. I say way to go Governor and send and email to our governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels to introduce the Avetts and some musical taste to him–not that I know his taste but I doubt The Avett Brothers are on his iPod.

So, it seems that it is certain that The Avett Brothers are reaching a much broader audience and I have finally convinced my friends and family to get on The Avett bus and they haven’t looked back. Thank you Red Rocks and Governor Hickenlooper for being such big supporters of The Avett Brothers. Looks like it was a great night.

Jon Solomon’s Review

Read more about John Hickenlooper who after reading about him seems like a really interesting guy


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