Scott Avett Interview with ECU Alumni Assocaiation in 2009

“Lyrics are always coming & going to everyone on the planet and it’s up to you to grab them, record and document them,” says Scott Avett in his interview East Carolina University Alumni Association on the radio show “A Pirate’s Life for Me”. spring09cover_1 This was a great interview from 2009 just before the release of I and Love and You. I hear and learn new things about these Avetts every day and it honestly makes me love them even more–if that is possible. Scott is gracious, thoughtful and very insightful in this interview. He talks about his days in Greenville, NC and how his college experience changed him and paved the way for his music career with Seth. He also mentions Michael Ehlbeck being a big influencer on him and his art from ECU. This is the same Michael Ehlbeck that helped him and was featured in the 2011 Tour Poster video. I thought at was pretty cool to see that he is still in contact with him and that relationship continues. He also spoke of another mentor from the Communications Department, Jim Rees who has passed away. He said that Jim “makes an impact on people, he has an unforgettable voice and is very influential” Wow, those are just the words that I would say about Scott and Seth. It is clear that these boys have had some amazing influences in their life starting with their parents, to each other and those teachers that have crossed their paths along the way and led them where they are today.

Scott also talked about Bob Dylan and how his and other artists’ music helped The Avett Brothers “find their own voice” and how they were affected by their music. This was almost 2 years before they shared the same stage with Bob Dylan at the Grammys. What an amazing feeling that must have been for them to literally feel the passing of the torch from one of their key influencers to them and to wonder what an impact their music will have on the generations to come.

Finally, before this gets too long and you stop reading I was touched by Scott’s answer to the greatest reward or most pround moment. This could have been anything–recognitions that they have received, finally playing big stages from the days of “begging” people to listen to their music. But he answered that by saying it was the effect he has seen their music have on people. He is still not used to it and never takes it for granted when a song they have written brings someone to tears (which I have experienced from their songs many many times). He says that it is an honor and that it obligates them to continue. That all the fame and ambition is diluted by the goodness they get from those moments with their fans.

I really enjoyed hearing this interview with Scott. He was comfortable and candid and once again I am not surprised that he and Seth write such beautiful music just hearing the way that he answers interview questions. Thank you Alex Bradshaw for sharing it with me and giving me the opportunity to share it with all of you–if you haven’t heard it already! The actual interview with Scott starts around the 12:32 minute mark and ends around the 30 minute mark. Have a listen and enjoy!

Click here to listen to the Interview with Scott Avett


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