“Slammed” Free Download–Review and Interview with Avett Fan and author Colleen Hoover


A fellow Avett fan Colleen Hoover has written a book that is available for the next two days to be downloaded for free from Amazon.com. It is a book that the Avett Brothers lyrics and approach to music/poetry as an art are woven throughout. It is a quick read (took me about 5 hours or so even with my crazy kids over the holiday), but well worth the time spent. The story of Lake and Will and their struggles in life and death to either be together or not are genuine and I found myself pulling for them every step of the way. There is also an interesting dynamic called Poetry Slam which I had never heard of, but am so intrigued by after reading the book. Colleen does an excellent job relating poetry to music and the important role both can play in the healing process and expressing your true emotions. 

I paid the hefty pre-free $4.99 for the book and don’t regret, take advantage of the free offer for the next few days. You won’t regret that investment.  Best of luck with the book Colleen!!

Here is the interview with Colleen about the book:

Avettbrosfans: What was your motivation to write your first book?
Hoover: “Decide what to be and go be it.” I’ve always loved to write in my spare time. After I heard those lyrics, I knew it’s what I wanted to be. It took me a while to actually ‘go be it’, but I eventually sat down to write my first book. It started when my 8 year old son auditioned for a part in a community theater play. For two months, I would get off work at six o’clock and take him to practice and have to sit in the audience for 3 hours. I ended up bringing my laptop with me to listen to music, read, whatever…just to pass the time. Well, I had been watching performances on youtube for slam poetry and thought it would be an interesting fiction subject to read about, so I tried to search for a fiction novel on the subject. Well, turns out, I couldn’t find any. So I decided I would just write one myself. I started jotting down notes around December 1st and once I put the pen to paper…it just came out.

Avettbrosfans: Being a huge Avett fan, I loved all the references throughout the book. How did you manage to make the quotes and references fit into the book?
Hoover: The Avett Brothers are such a huge part of bringing back my passion for writing. Their lyrics are sometimes just so profound, it amazes me. I knew I wanted to reference them in the book, just to give them a ‘shout out’ in case anyone ever read the book that had never heard of The Avett Brothers. I had this dream that somehow, through my book, I could return a favor to them for all the joy they have brought me. I ended up finishing the book, then dividing it into chapters. I used lyrics to correlate with each chapter that I felt ‘fit’ the events of that chapter. When I was finished, it all fit together so well it seemed as though their lyrics were written for my book.

Avettbrosfans: Tell us more about how you became an Avett fan and why you obviously love them so much.
Hoover: I was was watching some videos on youtube, looking for music. I’ve never been into ‘mainstream’ music and tended to listen to more stuff from before I was born like Cat Stevens. I ran across ‘Murder in The City’ and actually laughed. I thought that it was a joke. I couldn’t imagine that those beards were for real. By the time the song had finished, I was hooked. I stayed up for hours searching videos of every single song I could find. I downloaded all of their music from itunes that night. I’ve been a huge fan since.

Avettbrosfans: I could really feel the connection between Lake and Will in the book and was for them every step of way. Their love at first sight was so believable in the book. Where did your idea for them and their story come from?
Hoover: Actually, once I started writing, I didn’t really have an outline. I love ‘If it’s the Beaches’ and would listen to it as I wrote. I believe that song is such a powerful love song, that I had to portray their connection with that sort of intensity.

Avettbrosfans: I was fascinated with the poetry slam concept in the book. Do you slam? Tell us more about it and why it interests you.
Hoover: I have never slammed…I wouldn’t have the nerve. I actually first heard of it through a documentary on HBO called ‘Brave New Voices’. The young people that performed the poetry just enthralled me. It was amazing. To have that kind of passion and bravery and put it all out there is extremely captivating. I admire everyone that is able to do it, and couldn’t think of a better group of people to introduce to the reader than slam poets.

Avettbrosfans: The names are so interesting in the book Layken, Caulder, Kel and Eddie for a girl. Where did you come up with those?
Hoover: Well, Layken would have been my daughter’s name if they all wouldn’t have turned out to be boys. :) Kel is actually the name of one of my boys, although I spell his name ‘Cale’. After I filled out his birth certificate, I immediatley regretted not spelling it ‘Kel’. Eddie is my father’s name. He passed away 7 years ago. I have no idea where I got Caulder from. It just sort of came out as I was writing.

Avettbrosfans: Is this just the beginning of the Lake and Will story? Will we see more about them in the future?
Hoover: I didn’t plan on writing a sequel with this cast of characters. However, based on the feedback it seems as though I’ll be cut off from a lot of my friends if I don’t. I’ve currently got a few ideas running around in my mind for a sequel, but right now I’m taking some time off. I just finished the book last week….maybe I’ll give myself a two week break. If the next one goes as smoothly as this one did, hopefully I’ll have something by Valentine’s!

Well, Colleen best of luck and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you, Will and Lake, and of course the Avetts!


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