Spreading the Avett Word-One fan and baseball game at a time

So, I have this website and I have been trying for years to spread the Avett gospel. Up until recently it has been a little challenging for me to get people to listen to them. Maybe I have been overzealous. You know how when you love a band or something so much, people are like “Yeah right…I’ll listen someday” Then a few would finally listen and of course be in love. That was my experience until recently. Maybe it is because they were on the Grammys and a similar band like Mumford and Sons has gotten such acclaim, but people are actually interested in learning about the Avetts now and more open minded to it than I have ever know in my 5 years as a fan. For example, I had The Avett Brothers playing today in my car for a fieldtrip with my daughter’s preschool class and of course she was singing along and a couple of the teachers in her car got into it and seemed genuinely interested and wanted me to make them a CD. I made a few mix CDs (not tapes) of some of my favorite songs and songs that make most setlists at concerts for some friends who have been on the fence about my obsession with the Avett’s music.  Just this week, I got an email from my friend’s husband who has enjoyed listening to the CD at work and he too is now a fan. So, what I am saying is that the world seems much more open to their music than I feel like I have seen since I became a fan. I am so excited about that.

Now, being a huge baseball fan I was thrilled to see the Avetts playing at a baseball game–but a Braves game?? wrigley-avetts Why not Wrigley and the Cubs? We Cubs fans need something to cheer about and will stick around the whole game no matter what and be there to listen at the end.  They could sing “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” in the 7th as an opening act and then kill it at beautiful Wrigley after the game. I thought going to Charlotte to see them play at home was about as good as it gets, but The Avetts at Wrigley in the summer after a day game of drinking beers and eating ballpark hot dogs sounds like a dream.

Here is the Braves’ announcement and to buy tickets to the game and free concert after: Click here for more info


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