The Wood Brothers – Indianapolis 3/31/2011

I went to Radio Radio in Indianapolis last night and saw The Wood Brothers.  As of late, they have been getting a little radio play and their latest Album Smoke Ring Halo, produced by Zac Brown, has yet to be released nationally.  First of all, these guys are talented.  Chris, the stand up base player,  was awesome.  I have never seen a guy play harmonica and rock the stand up bass at the same time.  I thought that was virtually impossible, but I was proven wrong.   wood-brothers Oliver, the older brother and the guitar player, was more chill and sat on a bar stool just strumming away.  Again, these guys do not lack any musical talent and their music is hard to classify.  I guess that is why people like these guys.  No matter if you like country, blues, jazz or rock, you are going to find something you like about this band.

There is something to be said about brothers and their unseen connection on stage.  The Avetts have it, and The Wood Brothers have it also.  It just seems one brother knows what the other brother is going to do before he does it.  When you have that connection, you have a pretty tight sounding band.  What I thought The Wood Brothers lacked was a connection with the audience which I have felt at every single Avett show that I have been to.

Radio Radio is a nice little venue, but they had this place set up like a Baptist revival.  There were about 5 to 6 rows of wooden chairs about 5 feet from the stage.  The people that got these chairs did not move and because of our Hoosier hospitality no one dared stand in front of them.  And I it was clear by the amount of chatter and small talk, that some people came to socialize and not listen to the band.  I found it a little off putting, but I could deal with it.  Oliver Wood on the other hand could not.  About 5 songs in, Oliver tells the crowd to “Shut your pie holes.”  I thought he was kidding, but a few songs later he tells the crowd again, “There is a smoking section out back, and the talking section is out there and this is the music section right here.”  Needless to say this turned me off.   These guys have so much talent and they do deserve some respect, but you have to be humble.  You are making a pretty good living by making music–so some people are talking in the background.  Is it rude?  Yes.  Is it worth saying something and looking like a jackass?  I don’t think so.

All and all, these two brothers are good.  I liked Oliver’s voice and Chris’s bass playing was spectacular.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great show.  I think they finally won the crowd over by coming back for an encore and singing “Luckiest Man.”  It will be on the new album and I think it alone is worth the price of the album as well as the $15 dollar admission.  Maybe I caught these brothers on an off night personally and a louder than usual crowd, but the Wood Brothers are definitely worth seeing.

Here is a link to there website to see if they are coming your way:

Thank you Steve Kremer for the review on The Wood Brothers. I wish I could have gone myself, but someone had to watch our kids.


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