The Head and The Heart

headandtheheart2 A coworker has been trying to get me to listen toThe Head and The Heart for the last 4 to 5 months. Of course I said I was going to, but never did–like so many of my friends did with The Avett Brothers. Then I got to see them do a private short set at Indianapolis’ local, independent radio station, WTTS 92.3. And let me tell you I am hooked. I really love their sound and and their is a real genuineness to their music. The songs have an upbeat folk feel and man Charity can really belt it. Maybe on their next album she should sing more–not to mention she plays the violin and I am a sucker for stringed instruments.

The Head and The Heart was supposed to have been opening up for the Decemberists, but the Decemberists cancelled at the last minute which left The Head and The Heart high and dry and looking for place to play. headandtheheart With the help of My Old Kentucky Blog, a local blog/music promoter they put a concert together at the last minute. The venue was Earth House, a really cool old church converted to a community center/coffee shop. There was no air conditioning and it was about 100 degrees, but the 400 or so people packed into room seemed not to mind and enjoyed this up close and person show.

If there is one thing you do today, please let it be that you will check out The Head and The Heart and download a sampling of their music.


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