Amazing Bond We Avett Fans Have!!

So, this will be short. I am sitting here getting things all revvvvved up for the upcoming Food Drive at the Indy show again this year (details to come soon so get ready) and I am looking through Facebook which now seems consumed with Avett stuff for me. I’ve been chatting this evening with a brilliant writer and Avett fan on hopefully meeting up at the Indy show. I’ve talked to on the phone to another fan trying to organize a food drive at the Alabama Avett show. I’ve listened to the album preview too many times. I’ve chatted with another fan about what size Crackerfarm/Joe Kwon Steals Southern Jobs shirt to buy. All of this reminds of the quick and easy bonds we all have formed that stems from our love of The Avett Brothers and what it grows into only time will tell. Keep in minds that I have never met any of you that I am referring to face to face, just over Facebook or Twitter. Crazy!

But, then I came across a post about Chris VanTimmeren’s (Who I only knew through Facebook) son Josh who is also one of our young Avett fans and once again was floored at the response from the fellow fans, the band and his loved ones when he was killed in a car accident. We all felt like we lost a family member…who we met on Facebook or some at a concert along the way. That didn’t seem to matter one bit though.

I wanted to pass on this website stared by Chris’s dad to donate to Chris’s son Josh’s college fund and to keep up to date on Josh and our Avett fan and friend Chris’s legacy. Please check it out and be generous.

Click here to go to Josh VanTimmeren’s Website



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