Thank You Hangout Music Festival!!!

hangout-fest Thank you Hangout Fest for broadcasting live. I have to admit that I only watched The Avett Brothers, but now wish I had watched more. Perhaps my 1 and 3 year old make that a little hard. It was so great to watch an Avett concert up close and personal. I love when I can do this because I catch so many things that I miss at live shows. I see all the little interactions, facial expressions, smiles and incredible close ups of the band playing their instruments. I think there should be be a Joe Kwon Cam that follows only Joe throughout the show. That would be really entertaining. Joe Kwon cracks me up all the time. I love watching him rock his cello and sing along like a #1 fan.

The show seemed like a great time. There were mostly newer songs peppered with oldies but goodies. My favorite moments were “At the Beach” which seemed so appropriate for this setting of what seemed like a ton of people packed on the beach to jam to the Avetts.  Scott yelled “Rapture” during Spanish Pipedream, which only makes me appreciate their sense of humor even more.  And yes, there was a guy who held that blow up dolphin in about the 10th row almost the entire show.  That cracked me up too.  It made me seriously regret our decision to skip this show. It would have been another great Avettcation!  I hope that our friend who won tickets had a great time.

Again, thank you thank you thank you organizers of Hangout Fest and for sharing this with us the fans! It was a treat!

Here is a link to Hangout Fest if you want to catch any other shows live or check out the event:


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