Nobody knows it but I am so sad!!

Nobody knows it but I am so sad! I just missed buying the meet and greet tickets for me and my 3 year old elle_sad daughter who loves loves loves the Avett Brothers. She knows their names, the instruments they play and which songs their sister Bonnie sings on. I am sitting here feeling agony because I didn’t buy the meet & greet tickets the moment they went on sale and tried to be responsible and check with my husband to make sure he thought it was a good idea and confirm we were actually going to go to the game/concert. After one single little hour of deliberation, they were sold out. So, yes good for the Avetts but sad sad sad for the Kremers! We did buy the field passes and Elle is looking forward to seeing the concert after the baseball game–so much so she told her preschool teachers about it today. So we will go that route and just hope that she doesn’t get crushed. I am assuming there will be a lot of open room…it is a baseball field.

FYI- I did talk to ticketing for the Braves today and they mentioned that there will be 10 meet and greet tickets going up for auction sometime this week. I asked for details, but Chase who so super sweet, didn’t have the details yet. So, if you too missed it there might still be a chance. Also, if you by chance have an extra please please please let me know!


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  1. Carrie Murch #

    That is too bad! I hope you’ll be able to get tickets somehow! That is awesome that she knows so much about TAB! What a cutie!! :)

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