Okay so I was wrong about….

Okay, so I was wrong about…the amount of time I have to do everything these days. Oh the Shame–the boatloads of shame.

I am excited to have a little time to catch up tonight on my Avett life. From going on a long vacation in late March, working my little butt off at work to catch up after vacation, raising kids and trying to stay awake past 10 PM on the couch, I realized that something was missing from my life. I had fallen off the grid with my Avetting and that is not acceptable.

So, I am back and hopefully in full effect. I have updated the site with the setlists in the forum and tour dates. I am getting excited for my next show, which is sadly not until June :( I am pumped to start planning something fun for my hometown Indy show at the end of September. Last year was just the most amazing experience and I am hoping for another good year in Indy.

So, Here is a video of “Shame” from Indianapolis 2/28/2010. The quality is not the best, but it just reminded me of my hardcore dedication to The Avett Brothers as this was a mere 13 days after my son was born and I was going to this show either totally pregnant (I wasn’t due until March 30) or with my pump in tow. Only a hospital stay was going to keep me away from the Avetts in my hometown. I’m glad to be back with you all!!


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  1. AvettFans #

    Glad to see your still alive!!

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