Where is the Avett Grammy Love?

As the Grammys approach this weekend, I wanted to make my plea for the Avetts…maybe for next year.  I thought of this, because I have been listening to Mumford & Sons a lot lately and want to congratulate them on their two Grammy nods for Best Rock Song and Best New Artist.  But come on Grammys,  where is the love for the Avetts?   I do love Mumford and enjoy their music, but I have to admit that I enjoy The Avett Brothers and their variety so much more (Of course, this is an Avett Brothers website).  It also could be because I feel invested in the Avetts after years of watching them grow from playing in front of  crowds of 50 people at a wedding to finally breaking into the mainstream.   Or it could be that their ability to put together  upbeat “punkgrass” songs followed by a touching beautfifully harmonized ballad really sets them apart from their peers…even those nominated for two Grammys.  I know what I think, so maybe the Grammy voters will take notice someday.

Good luck Mumford and here is a treat from the Grammy nominees covering The Avett Brothers “Go To Sleep” while the Avetts were rocking the Ryman on Halloween.


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  1. Goober22 #

    Nice article Jenny. Their Grammy is coming! “Patience…..patience”.

    P.S. I love Mumford’s rendition of Go To Sleep! First time seeing this. Thanks for sharing =)

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