If It’s the Beaches

As it is snowing outside, I am listening to “If It’s the Beaches”. Anything that will make me remember that there is a spring and someday it will come. “If It’s the Beaches” was not one of my favorites songs at first, because of the recorded voicemail message in the middle. The Avetts have a couple of songs like this and those are not my favorites. My husband really liked “If It’s the Beaches” and forced me to quit hitting fast forward through it. Now after listening to it what seems like a million times, it is really one of my favorites. It is from The Gleam, which is a shorter collection of slower heartfelt songs. The songs from the two Gleam albums have become my favorites over time. “If It’s the Beaches” is not one of the Avetts more popular boot stomping songs, but it is worth a listen. The instrumentals are slow and beautiful and set the stage for the lyrics that will touch a chord with you somewhere and remind you of some relationship in your past or present. Scott sings this song so with so much passion and love for this woman and he will do whatever it takes to let her know how much he loves her. The last line says “pack the old love letters so we will read them when we both forget why we left here” and makes me wish I had love letters with my husband to look back on one day. We met in the world of email and cell phones, so we have a few little cards but nothing like the generations before us who used to write letters and love letters and keep them in boxes and read them when they needed a little reminder. That sounds special and so is this song. The link below is kind of a cheesy video of the beach, but it is the purest version of this song that I could find that wasn’t live. So just listen. I hope you like it and get the pleasure of hearing it in concert some day which is pretty rare.


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