Classic Avetts-Left on Laura, Left on Lisa at SXSW in Early 2009

It is so funny that my friend Heather Goben sent me the link to this video today. “Left on Laura, Left on Lisa” has slowly become one of my favorite songs and was included on my Intro to The Avett Brothers CD (not mix tape) that I give to people to try to spread the Avett word. Scott is so fantastic in this video and to quote Heather “out of control”, but in such a great way. I love it when he gets crazy into the music and starts killing it with his banjo. I wish I was at this BrooklynVegan/Paste Magazine party with Scott and Seth in their white T-Shirts. It doesn’t get much better than this.  

On a side note about this song and I can’t seem to recall where I read or heard this lately, but Lisa and Laura are streets in Greenville, NC where Scott went to college at ECU. What I read said that it was actually a house that I think Scott lived in with the Magnolia tree that is referenced in the song in the back yard. I didn’t know that and there is a little fun fact in case you didn’t know it too.

Enjoy this video of how The Avett Brothers tearing it up here!


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