The Avett Brothers on CMT’s Unplugged

Check out Unplugged with the Avett Brothers on It was really interesting to hear a little insight on how Scott and Seth write their songs. They played five songs and briefly discussed the why and background for each of them. I always love to hear these things. I know what these songs mean to me, but it’s great to hear to hear what they really mean to the writers.

They started with “Once and Future Carpenter” –a new one that I have been lucky to hear twice live in South Bend and Charlotte. The first time this song left me breathless. It is a beautiful song that talks about losing direction, finding it and that we are all in this together. Seth mentions that it represents where they are right now and how it is not fair to just represent where/who they’ve been. Listening to that tonight made me think of my trip to Subway for lunch today. I was wearing an Avett Brothers T-shirt (one of the first ones I ever bought). A girl asked me if I was going to the show when they come to town. Of course I am but we got to chatting and she asked me if I was upset that they had gotten so big (once again apparent by this exposure on CMT). I paused and said of course not. I am so happy for them and where they are now. I do love where they have been too. It would be a lie to say that I don’t miss seeing them in smaller venues and being up close and personal a little more. Listening to Seth sing the lyrics to this song that we are all in this together made me feel that I and all of the fans are a part of their journey.

Next was Laundry Room. This has been a favorite of mine since we first got I and Love and You. Scott describes this as capturing a moment in time in the laundry room.

The third song was January Wedding. Seth mentions that this song took him 10 minutes to write. It is a simple song about love and getting married. This song does have simple lyrics but paints a beautiful picture of a man in love and the girl that he is in love with. You can just envision her looking out the window at the trees watching the birds sing and you can see him just lovingly watching her.

The fourth song was And It Spread. Seth mentions that it is about the contagious nature of emotion both positive and negative, but ultimately making it full circle and ending with love.  I was glad to hear their thoughts on the song because this is a song that I’ve enjoyed musically but had a hard time connecting with. Tonight I was able to a little more. 

Then they played a cover of Roger Miller’s “Where Have All The Ordinary People Gone”. This was a treat and one I have never heard them cover before, but as I listened to the lyrics I thought of how appropriate they lyrics are for them. The song talks about not fitting anywhere. The country call me city and the city call me countryfied. I am sure this is a dilemma that the Avetts face a lot with their music as we all have trouble from time to time exactly describing it and feeling that we have truly done them justice. It seems like they are finding their way just fine appealing to so many different genres of music.

Hope you enjoy it!


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