Crackerfarm’s video Scott Avett & The 2011 Tour Poster

Here is a really thoughtful and pretty emotional journey from Scott Avett. He describes making the 2011 Avett Brothers Tour Poster. He is an artist to the core and talks about the how much life changes from the moment an idea is born to the finishing point. He speaks of the poster depicting the characters are all the members of The Avett Brothers crew on this journey they share. It speaks a lot of what a bond these people who spend so much time together must have in the high moments and at the darkest ones too. It is no wonder that he writes such beautiful music. Not only is Scott and artist in his music, but watching this tedious poster making process is pretty amazing and shows what a talented artist he is too. Enjoy!

Crackerfarm does some really amazing work both for The Avett Brothers and un-Avett related. I am always so excited to see emails from Crackerfarm pop up in my inbox.
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  1. darian #

    how do you go about getting one of these?

    thanks, d

  2. admin #

    I am pretty sure they will be available at the Charlotte shows this weekend. Other than that, I am not sure.

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