“Die, Die, Die”= All day work meeting

So, I was in an all day meeting today in Chicago with many of my colleagues. Those meetings can be many times be excruciatingly long, but this one wasn’t so bad today. Maybe because I did a lot Avett sharing. Some of of my fellow coworkers know about my passion/obsession with The Avett Brothers and it was a real surprise to some of them when brought it up at after a few cocktails. Of course I can’t let an opportunity pass without spreading my Avett gospel and trying to get people to check out their music.

I was sitting next to my co-worker and she mentioned that she downloaded an Avett Brothers album before her drive from Indianapolis to Chicago. First and foremost, that is awesome that was how she chose to pass the time for her three hour drive. Naturally it is how I spend most of my time in the car! I asked which album and it too her a minute to come up with Emotionalism, which was even better because of course that was quite the breakthrough release for the Avetts–even though I Mignionette is still my fave. Then we were chatting and the song so far that stuck out to her was “Die, Die, Die”. It got me thinking to my favorite time that I have heard it live (they play it a lot live), which was Halloween at the Ryman 2010. It was their opening song (very appropriate) as they came out dressed up as mummies and played the whole show in toilet paper. That was a great weekend in Nashville and two of my absolute favorite Avett shows. So Erin and everyone enjoy the mummified version of “Die, Die, Die”!


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