Glory Days

This cover of “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen made me smile this morning. I haven’t heard in in a while, but randomly typed Avett Brothers into youtube this morning and this is the video that caught my eye. I love that the Avetts cover a lot of songs and really give it their feel without losing the original artist’s integrity. They also post so many of these recordings on youtube which makes it awesome for the Avett fans, especially when they are fans of the original artist as well.

One of my favorite things about this video (besides Scott playing harmonica which I am sucker for) is when they all yell “Wooooo”. That cracked me up, because I can recall a lot of nights out at the bars with my friends playing this song and doing the exact same thing. This song really makes you live in the moment and appreciate today, because you never know if you will look back and these will be your “Glory Days”. I have a feeling we might be in the glory days for the Avetts. I am hoping that it is just the beginning of their glory days and they last for many many years to come. So, when I feel like crying I’ll start laughing just thinking about these Avett glory days!

Enjoy the video (maybe again) and enjoy any upcoming shows you are going to soon!


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