The Head and The Heart Last Night

head-and-the-heart Saw The Head and The Heart last night for the second time (third for my husband) and I am so excited for this band. They had two openers–I am sure because they just have one album. But when The Head and The Heart took the stage it was like something transformed The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis. The Vogue is a smaller general admission venue the Avetts used to play and I have many fond memories there of them.

The Head and The Heart put on a great show and played the music I love from their first album. Lost in my Mind (getting a lot of radio play and the first song I heard of theirs and without a doubt knew I was going to like this band), Down in the Valley and of course Rivers and Roads (Charity has an amazing voice and the crowd was so raptured by it). In my opinion and many others, Charity needs to be singing more for The Head and The Heart. I also really enjoyed some of the newer stuff that I hadn’t heard before like Gone.

So, I was chatting with some of my friends after the show and we were amazed and loved that the crowd was singing a long to so many of the songs. It felt like and Avett show where we feel apart of what is happening on stage and so taken in by the music.   jenny-charity One of my favorite things about The Head and The Heart is how their music/songs build up to this amazing climax in the song–it is almost a physical thing that is happening and you can’t help but be drawn in. We met Charity and Jon after the show and they were so nice and gracious to where they have come in such a short time.

Check out The Head and The Heart if they are coming your way. You won’t regret it!

Here is an older video of Rivers and Roads. This is a bike shop and look what power they still bring to this small crowd–reminds me of when I saw the Avetts the first time at the small wedding when we stood there amazed that just three people–Scott, Seth, and Bob could fill the room by themselves.


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  1. So…I downloaded their album and LOVE IT! Thanks for introducing me to another awesome band! TAB is playing close to my house in June….and now the head and the heart is playing a few nights later. Both bands just happen to be playing here the exact same week I’m on VACATION!!!! Super excited to see this new band live. Thanks for sharing Jen!

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