Laundry Room Kind of Day

It’s a Laundry Room kind of day today.  It was a great weekend that I got to break that tired old routine and spend with a two great friends Joy and Sara.  We used to drive around in our parents car and do crazy things and we wished things would always stay like they were in the carefree days of college.  Who really realizes what a special time that is in your life and the wonderful lifelong friends you will meet?  We used our breathing time machine this weekend to reconnect, relax, laugh, cry and laugh until we cried.  I am glad that I got to do that this weekend and relive fun times with my friends and hope for happy times to come for them in their lives. This song is for you two girls– and everyone because this is a wonderful song!  Hope you all can do the same with your friends and those who really mean something to you sometime soon!

Enjoy a really fun version of Laudry Room.  By the way, I love Scott in this hat and the jam at the end rocks!!


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  1. Joy #

    Jenny–you are the breast!!! (I added an “a” and a “r”). Love, Joy

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