Am I Losing My Mind????

I just got back from a week vacation at the lake with my family and all that is running through my head is “Am I losing my mind or am I growing backwards with time???”. My husband and kids were there the entire week and my two brothers, in-laws, my mother and aunt and uncle and my neighbors all made brief appearances throughout the week. resized-beach   What a week it was! Lots of good times with the family. It was over 100 degrees most of the time, so we spent time “At the Beach” trying to cool off and having fun. If it’s that hot, “If it’s the Beaches” is the only way to go. We relaxed, played games and had a great time. There were also the crazy moments of learning about “All My (and my family’s) Mistakes”, heard about some “Murder in the City”, took boat rides on “Distraction #74″ (Yes that’s the name of our boat), sang “Go To Sleep” to my crazy non sleeping kids, joked (some good and bad) with “One Line Wonders”, heard “Ten Thousand Words” and whines and cries that seemed never ending in some moments that made me feel like I was losing my mind and questioned whether I was losing the fight and growing “Backwards with Time”, felt not so great one morning “When I Drank” too much one fun evening, scored a few good finds at a “Yard Sale”, luckily we didn’t get “Swept Away” by the crazy boats on possibly the busiest lake week of the year and finally ended the weekend with a beautiful firework “Colorshow” over the lake.

Thanks everyone for a memorable week and the Avetts for your songs describing my week perfectly!

Enjoy this video of a seldom live playing of “Backwards With Time” and what’s left of summer!

Much Love,
Jenny (and the summer day:)


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