So Proud of My Daughter’s Spanish Pipedream Request

So, today I was putting my 3 year old daughter Elle to sleep for a nap and signing her songs as usual. Our usual routine is Hush Little Baby, You are My Sunshine and Avett Brothers Go to Sleep. The La la la la la las usually get her to finally give it up and fall asleep. I can La la for a long time and as you know there are a lot of la las in Go to Sleep. So that was not working today and she turned to and asked me to sing “The Abett Broders Country Song”. Hmmmm I wracked my brain and started singing Traveling Song because “my country home and a city boy singing country tunes” is mentioned in it. She rolls over and whispers not that one, the one with “papers” in it. I figured it out–she wanted Spanish Pipedream. We have been loving that John Prine tribute album lately and she too has picked up on it and obviously likes it too. So I sang Spanish Pipedream to her and got to the verse about having a lot of children and feeding them all peaches that is followed by the chorus again and she started clapping on cue like in the song. It was an amazingly proud moment for me and quite possible the cutest thing I have ever seen. Oh yeah then she fell right asleep–Spanish Pipedream worked like a charm.

So I dedicate this one to you my little Elle who obviously already has excellent taste in music. This was the first time I heard The Avett Brothers cover Spanish Pipedream in South Bend, IN (I can see my head bobbing around):


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  1. Larry Copeland #

    i was there awsome!i have a 3 year old boy that just love him some Avetts

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