Seth Avett’s Cover of Jamaica Farewell– For the Second time

Well, I saw this video come out from Crackerfarm and it reminded me of when I heard Seth play it at a show in my hometown in April of 2009. It was really a huge treat then and it still is now. It shows the diversity of Seth as an artist and I wonder if it is going to be added to their regular mix of covers.

The Indy concert in 2009 was a pretty special one as well. I believe it was the first show back at a smaller/typical then venue after opening for Dave Matthews. I recall the boys appreciation to be back in front of fans who knew their music and not just there to pass the time before the bigger more popular Dave hits the stage. The setlist was awesome–a great mix of old stuff (not old then) and the first time I heard a lot of the I and Love and You stuff live. It was an amazing night to be an Avett fan and to feel the love from the crowd to the band and vice versa.

Here is the newly recorded Crackerfarm version of Jamaica Farewell

Here is Seth singing Jamaica Farewell in Indianapolis at the Vogue in April 2009


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