South Bend Set List and Show Was Something Special

The South Bend show was really something to remember. It was a great mix of old songs like Salvation Song, Jenny and the Summer Day, November Blue, Sanguine, When I Drink and a new songs January Wedding, I and Love and You and Kick Drum Heart (Full set list in forum). As I stood in front of my seat and looked around it was a different crowd than a lot of the Avett shows I’ve seen. There were the usual suspects who know every word to all the songs and go crazy dancing and signing–I am in this group. But there were a lot of first timers there who you could tell were experiencing their first Avett show–a lot of my friends were in this group last night. I for one am glad to see that mix, because it shows that the band’s hard work is paying off and they are reaching new people, which is the goal of any artist. Do I miss the days of small venues where everyone felt like a family? Of course, but I do like having a seat at the show (not that I use it) and seeing the excitement of the first timers getting to be a part of something really special at live shows.

After the show waiting for the band around the bus was almost equally amazing. There were girls singing their favorite songs, people from all over sharing their favorite Avett stories and shows and no one seemed cold. Remember this is South Bend in January, so it was freezing. Just when you wonder if your favorite band might be getting too big or losing touch, slowly each band member comes out to meet the fans who have braved the cold. Bob was funny and so personable. Joe was gracious and fun to chat with. Scott told me to make this website something special, which I really took to heart. Seth had an infectious smile and was easy to talk to. They went out of their way to chat with everyone and really make it feel like you are chatting with a friend, not your favorite band. I’m proud and excited for The Avett Brothers success from when I first saw them play a friend’s wedding (which they all remembered because Seth bumped his head and almost got a concussion on the way in) to larger stages like last night. It is so fun to watch and be a part of!


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  1. Val #

    South Bend was my first show and I can definitely say I’m hooked! Thanks Jenny for the introduction!

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